Where you are today is directly related to the choices you’ve made up to this point; one month, two weeks, last year and even a decade ago.

There are so many choices that we make everyday, some big, some small, conscious or subconscious. However, in our lives the choices we make dictate the path we take or the journey we are currently on. What books to read and learn from, mentors and role models, when to get married and have children, where to live and work.

“It’s a choice, not a chance that determines your destiny.” J. Nidetch

First, understanding and deciding what direction you are moving in or knowing your desired outcome will assist you in making better choices.

For example, let’s take the popular weight loss goal. All of your meals and food choices need to be congruent with you desired outcome of losing weight. Not planning ahead is a choice and may cause you to make poor diet choices; the salad vs. the quick drive-thru burger. Some of this may appear to be very short term but what is the long term affect on your health is you are over weight or ignore the few pounds you put on each year?

Ignoring decisions is a decision. What declarations in your life have you been putting off? Are there any situations that need new outcomes? The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result. What needs to change in your life? What are you taking a stand on and deciding on today?

In summary, the key to making good choices is to know your desired outcome or the direction you are headed in. Without knowing that, it’s like walking around blind folded. Know where you are headed or your intentions and it becomes easier to make congruent decisions based on your desired outcome.

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Laurie-Ann Murabito is a Results Coach, Author and Speaker who helps companies and individuals by empowering them to make the changes they want for their unique situations. She is available to speak on various topics. For more information call 603-765-6145.

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