For those who have had the experience of a child being lost to drugs we are here.
Our voices are not so loud right now, but we are a voice. We are the other side of the drug issues, we are the affected family members, the ones who spend the sleepless nights, who lie there with visions of horrendous death of our loved one circling our mind like a hawk circling their prey. We suffer often times in silence, not wanting others to know our pain, not wanting to be judged not wanting our child to be judged, we protect.
We cry out to the courts, to the schools, to the counseling and treatment centers looking desperately for help, guidance and assistance, that is not there. While we cry out, the rest of our family comes unglued and falls apart. Everyone now a victim, everyone now shattered, everyone now struggling and lost, and wounded.

Yes that was my life, a mother of five, a mother who had one child turn to drugs, eventually to heroin. A mother who became a missing parent to her family while spending all her energy and resources trying to "save" the one child, while not noticing the suffering and dismantling of the entire family. The family lost a sister, a daughter, and now a mother. This is the way it happens for many families. This is why I am here today the founder of The Unexpected Path. Until we recognize the stress and needs of mom and dad, or grandma and grandpa, whoever is directly in charge of the child, we continue to do more damage than good within a family. We can not expect to treat a family by only treating one member of it. The system which is now in place for families, as it is, does not work, by all statistics available, the system never has worked beyond a minimal degree- if even that.

The Unexpected Path is here to help the family find stability within, so that if something goes wrong with one of its members, the family unit is still able to remain functioning and stable for the all of its members. We believe if the unit itself meaning the family as a whole, is stable and revitalized, then there is a greater chance for each individual member to thrive, and there is a much greater chance that the one who may be out of control, just might be more apt to come back to a vitalized home, but not because of that.

The Unexpected Path is for parents and grandparents, who are struggling and suffering in fear. We work one on one with each person to help them realign with their own inner truths, deep truths about purpose and passion for themselves. We help them to step back and to see a bigger picture in the midst of crisis. Stress in crisis more often than not pulls us into a type of tunnel vision, a smallness where we are incapable of seeing sometimes the many options that are available to us in that moment. We are here to help parents step into a bigger space which can allow them the availability of still anchoring the rest of the family unit with a sense of stability while having some attention available to spend on the one.

When we can get a family stabilized, then we offer groups to support them in remaining stable. When future crisis comes up, they have a group that can help them re-establish their own stability right there in the moment, right there when it is going on. Families stay with us as long as they wish. We invite you to contact us, bookmark us, and pass us along to families who are in crisis and struggling.

Author's Bio: 

Once living the painful drama of a mother who was bound and determined she could save her child from heroin addiction, now life coach and working in the field of recovery, has founded The Unexpected Path. This is a coaching system that is entirely devoted to supporting the parents, to find and become the stability, the anchor for the family unit when crisis happens. We begin by taking care of the parents, and as a conduit in connecting our coached parents with one another to become a strong support system for one another!