Today’s financial economy is such a mystical, un-tangible atmosphere of banking, mutual funds, stocks and bonds and the mainstream 401k that no one seems to know where to turn for answers and solutions that will allow them any sort of stability with respect to their financial picture. We have proven that our current state of turmoil in virtually all sectors of our economy are challenging our belief systems about how Wall Street, the government and influential power centers like the FDA, Pharmaceutical, media and banking cartels operate. With all the sensationalism in our media about the Recession, the money problems, unemployment and the current oval office woes, how can anyone feel confident in what lies ahead? The bottom line is that most Americans feel so isolated in their own little world, especially when it comes to an emotionally intense subject like their money, they are appetent for knowledge, answers and some much needed guidance as to what’s next?
To look forward with a new set of eyeglasses we must first scrutinize the past to see clearly. With respect to money and all its nuances, there are some simple questions we must dissect in retrospect to begin to change our mindset, and its only then we can begin to ask a new set of questions of where to entrust our money. First, we must challenge the culprit itself. Our antiquated educational system may have worked in the industrial and technological ages whereby many sectors of the economy were hiring jobs to keep up with demand for new technologies but that model is no longer valid in today’s Mega Information and Internet Commerce Era. Aren’t we proving daily with the unemployment rates hovering around 10%, the JOB (J.ust O.ver B.roke), top down mentality is not working? There is no stability in any sector of the corporate world, manufacturing or technology anymore with most savvy innovators realizing they can produce goods and services for a ¼ the cost in 3rd world countries. Virtual Assistants are springing up like wildflowers taking over the old school office manager or desk clerks. High Tech computers and advanced robotics have all but replaced the out dated human production lines and piece work. Why are we continuing to educate our leaders of tomorrow to go to school, memorize all the archaic books, go to college and memorize more books, give them 0 knowledge and education on Free Enterprise wealth creation, Entrepreneurship and overall money management tactics and tools, but we tell them to get a job and enslave them for life in the debt trap?
Secondly, why do we manipulate and control people’s thoughts and ideals to give their hard earned money to a Broker or Planner? How and when was it ever perceived that a guy in a fancy suit can take better care of our money than we can? When did we ever teach anyone about such financial tools as a financial calculator for basic calculations pertaining to our everyday lives, passive income, residual income, debt based societies, cartel based economics or any other non mainstream but powerful information? Wall Street, the banking and credit card companies and their power centers have done a masterful job in enslaving us to a “money trap” that has become a way of life.
Thirdly, and probably the most important of all, what brainwashing entity told America that their 401k was a good, long term investment strategy? Why would any person with even the most basic financial knowledge ever believe that giving their hard earned money to a “system of cartel money crooks” would provide them security or freedom of choice? It’s actually quite simple, if you never stop the hamster wheel, they will never see straight and their mind, body and spirit will always be circling in a maze of mistruth and manipulation! This is exactly what has been happening to America for decades and probably centuries with our current system of control and greed. When you have no control over your money, you have no choice, and when you lack choice you have no freedom, no freedom leads to despair and despair leads to anxiety, depression and isolationism and lethargic behavior. Sound familiar? The crooks are winning as of now BUT slowly people are awakening!
The Internet Revolution has created an entire new community of free thinkers, fed up corporate burnouts, home based business entrepreneurs and network marketers realizing the real key to any long term financial success is not an event of the individual investment itself, but rather a coterie of programs, systems and coaching in Free Enterprise that allow you the freedom of choice and a burning desire to figure out things on their own, instead of relying on their boss or personal enslavement of their time.
The secret is really no secret at all but when you are tied to a job or a “box of bewilderment” it’s hard to see the forest through the trees. To change our situation we must ask different questions. The 1st one is quite elementary really. Why do McDonalds, Subway and Dominoes Pizza NEVER fail? You have never seen a Sale or lease sign on these buildings have you? Why? They have a system that is unparalleled and they can plug anyone into their drive thru marketing machine and make a profit. They are NOT in the restaurant business. They are in the marketing, branding and real estate business. What is the 1st major sign you see when driving down the interstate looking for the next exit? They are masters at creating the imagery, signage for branding and positioning themselves in the industry as a leader and market dominator. Subway, after hiring Jared, became an iconic figure with respect to rebranding their entire model to a “healthy alternative to fast food”. Dominoes Pizza will never be known for their fantastic pizza. They will forever be branded in stone as the market phrase, “Delivered in 30 minutes or less or it’s FREE” dominators. The bottom line, systems prevail and people fail. People let their emotions and pre conceived notions drive their business, a well oiled machine and system will prevail every time. This is the exact opportunity that exists in Free Enterprise wealth creation on the internet right NOW. It’s not a single event like a get rich quick scheme investment, but a journey of empowerment and financial concepts not known to many. Coaches and mentors are replacing bosses and corporate hierarchies. The operate on a unilateral platform where everyone is treated equal and put into groups of their skills sets with personal mentoring for online success. The real power in an internet and home based business is the leveraging power of the internet. It’s been stated that over 67% of all of our socioeconomic commerce is now done over the internet. People are desperately searching a way out of the debt rat race and we can provide the tools.
Another key component is networking with different people who think outside the conventional box. To increase your net worth, you must change your network. There are so many people making more in a month on the internet and home businesses with personal freedoms and choices than most executives make in a year. Why? The systems are designed to help each other realize their goals and dreams and leverage and harness each other’s skill sets instead of working for dollars in the highest tax bracket possible in the employee model. If you have a model that is built upon leverage and helping people succeed online, you now have a formula that enhances the human spirit instead of smashing it.
Lastly, you must get mad. Turn that energy into positive energy seeking out knowledge about the Free Enterprise network and how it all works to benefit you. You have the power inside to change but you MUST be willing to do what others won’t. Work as hard on themselves and their abilities as they ever would for a boss. Your new financial journey can be a sweet one if you tap into the power of coaches and mentors rather than entrusting your boss. If you are willing to do what most others will not, you can have what most others never will. Join us in the financial journey on the internet, it’s a mouse click away.

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