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All three major indexes are up the sky’s the limit on the coming Holidays. They are very bullish on the coming of Christmas and New Years.

Smart investors full of faith and hope are convinced that the Holidays are coming once again this year bringing with them people of good cheer and an abundant faith in the future.

So what if the economy is in rocky shape we have survived recessions before.

So what if people are a little depressed over the loss of jobs, things are definitely going to get better, aren’t they?

So what if we can’t spend as much money on presents as the year before, that is not what the Holiday is all about, is it?

It’s getting to be that time of year when we should take a few moments out of our busy lives to count our blessings. You are blessed, aren’t you? You must if you and your family are still around to read this.

Let’s no waste time worrying about what could have been. Let’s spend our time planning on what we are going to do differently in the future.

Let’s spend our time promising to polish up our faith.

Let’s spend our time being thankful for the blessings that we do have.

Now is the season of unlimited potential. Isn’t it wonderful that so much good can come of us developing the promise that each one of us possesses to do good deeds and care about each other.

Now is the season to throw off the inhibitions that have kept us from being all that we can be.

Now is the time to make the most of our talents and knowledge.

Now is the time for all of us to use our imaginations to create a vision of how we want our lives to be and then make the effort to see that our dreams come true.

We can do it. We can make the Holidays the happiest time we have ever had. We can come together in the spirit of the Holiday and make miracles happen.

Are you ready to have some fun?

May your dreams come true.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

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