What I would like to share with you today is the best method I could find, and experienced, to bring changes into your life.

The following is an extract from my online course "Soulmate Connection" :

"In the eternal being that is you, you still preserve your pure consciousness, and whatever you think in that pristine perception can become real much more easily. You are creating from the Source and not from your little limited horizon. In that Pure Source is where you can relax more in the perfect reality you always wanted"

What does this mean? And how can you apply it into your life?

I have seen that the more I practice relaxation of the mind, the more my mind becomes clear. It becomes so clear that all my clutter is removed and I can perceive new ideas and concepts, some of which I never had.

When you want to create something in your life, you first have an idea, then you put energy into it, then you move into action.


Our ideas are usually distorted by our own perception of what is our reality like. We think something is good or bad according to what our background is. If something doesn’t find a place between our concept of good and bad, then the mind urges us to make a judgment so that it can be in control.

This wanting to have control over all that comes puts great barriers between us and the New Life that we want since we haven’t the chance to think anything new and see new possibilities.

When we can know better, we can do better. Our mind can be stretched as soon as we let go of our need to control.


Energy is the real material through which we build our life. It comes before action. Energy is multi-faceted and has colors and flavors. We need to find ways to raise our energy level so that our actions become effective. If not enough energy is put into movement then our actions are weak and all our ideas remain at the thinking level.

The application of real energy is totally effortless, concentration is high but natural.

The difference between wishful thinking and achieving your dreams
Wishful thinking is an idea that stays at the level of the mind. Achieving your dreams requires proper use of energy and action.


Action is the bridge between your internal world into the external world. If it all stays in the internal you are not living proactively. Action must be clear and inspired by clear thinking (thinking from the Source), and energy must be understood, then massive and powerful action can be taken.

I know many of you know all this, still this is what we keep on forgetting.


Quantum Physics teaches us that if we observe a phenomenon, that collapses into a form. And yes this is it!
Now, how are you going to use all this information to bring a real change into your life? What does it mean to "observe"? You must observe from the right place. Proper observation means being Aware, and the more pristine is your Awareness the more you can apply the Quantum Physic’s principle to bring changes.


Sit and close your eyes. Say to yourself:
I totally relax my mind and body without trying to describe anything. I do not seek anything. Everything I hear, see or feel doesn’t have a story and it just is.

Stay into the relaxed state of your Awareness. If you practice this technique for 2 weeks you will see enormous changes coming into your mind. All good and bad will start to seem equal. This is where you want to go. When you perceive that good and bad are becoming equal then it’s time for STEP 2.


Repeat STEP 1 for a few minutes.

Now relax in the perception of your new reality, without trying to make it happen, just rest in there and observe. If you want a better love, perceive it. If you want better opportunities, perceive them. Don’t try hard, you must know by now that the concept of "hard" is at the same level as the concept of "easy".

Rest and observe your reality present in timeless space.

Come back to STEP 1 for a minute or two to complete the session.

Life will respond
Life will start responding from the Awareness of your Awareness and ideas will start coming. Then act on it, with that clarity and effortless use of energy. Awareness if the amplifier of energy, just like a lens channels and directs the rays of the sun with great intensity.

You should try to do this exercise with commitment and conviction. It is one of the greatest secrets I could find and I am personally grateful to have discovered it for my own life.

Some people have always told me I am blessed, and it is true, I really think I am. But let me tell you. I have been practicing this for years now.

I hope this secret practice will change your life forever, the way you most want it, and in the directions of your dreams.

As always, your beautiful comments are greatly appreciated!

To Your Success and Joy
Your Life Catalyst Coach
Vincent Sandee

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Certified professional coach, Vincent unites the mystical tradition of Yoga with cutting edge techniques for life changing.
Composer, writer, acting teacher, yoga, meditation teacher and transformational spiritual activist. Vincent has been practicing meditation since he was 17. He trained in London, Italy and India where he lived for 1 year as a monk in the tradition of Kriya Yoga.His vision and methods embrace ancient and modern times, uniting insight and practicality for highest human achievement. Part of his work is that of understanding the symbols that are at play in our life so that we can bring clarity and move into a multi-leveled unified action. When this union is experienced, one gains full power over one’s life.Vincent continues to travel intensively, enriching his direct experience and expanding his insights and understanding.He developed new methods of mentoring. coaching and transformation that apply to anyone, no matter what creed or background, based on sacred teachings, ancient and modern knowledge and his direct experienceVincent is the host of the Internet Radio Show Awareness of the Soul on BBS Radio