As a young boy, I would sit in anticipation for the prime time television show series Lassie. For those of you that aren't familiar with Lassie, he was a fictional Collie dog character that initially appeared in a novel, which was made into a feature film Lassie Come Home (starring Roddy McDowell and Elizabeth Taylor). Lassie's trusted owner was a little boy named Timmie. Lassie would always be there for him or anyone else in need of help. Lassie was truly a trusted canine companion.

One morning while in my hospital bed staring at a wall, really feeling down and depressed, I noticed a large dog walking pass my door! At first I thought I was hallucinating. But after a few minutes passed there he was again with a woman holding his leash. Immediately I felt that same warm feeling I used to get while watching Lassie on television or even the many times I had spent with my own dogs over the years. The short silver grey hair dog stood very tall in the doorway of my room. He looked like a Great Dane. His owner, a kind lady holding the leash, asked me if they could come into my room and visit me. I replied; "absolutely!"

As this very tall dog approached my bedside, I anticipated meeting a new friend as he placed his big furry head on my bed. I was unable to move my arms but my hands were at my side and I was able to pivot my hand at the wrist and glide it over his head. As I did this, he had a very casual look on his face as our eyes connected. It was a look of expectancy, so simple as if he wanted to say to me that I have nothing to worry about, this health condition will pass.

I sensed he could feel my frustration, worry and all the other emotions that go along with severe illness. I have no idea why I had this interpretation but I am grateful for that visit and the fact that Mother Nature made arrangements for this "therapy dog" to visit and, as a bonus, would be tall enough to reach me as I lay in my bed.

That experience touched my spirit with an unconditional love that pets share with many of us on a regular basis. I felt an inner peace and calm while petting him. My purpose for this story is to remind you that your pet will share with you that spiritual boost you need to continue your healing path. If you don't own a pet, then ask friends to bring theirs for a visit or stop by a local pet store and hold a puppy. Feel the puppy's youthful spirit and embrace it. Pets are sensitive and have feelings. When this is combined with a craving to please it translates into an inner desire to heal too.

The above article is an excerpt from Dr. Aristotle's book "Change The Way You Heal."

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Aristotle Economou, "Dr. Aristotle," D.C., L.Ac.,(Az)Dipl.Ac. (IAMA), F.I.A.M.A., is sought after by patients for his extensive clinical experience, including his role in a historical medical research exchange throughout hospitals in the People's Republic of China.

Dr. Aristotle's work has been featured in Natural Health, Health, CBS Healthwatch, Advance for Directors in Rehabilitation, Beverly hills 213 Magazine, The Los Angeles Technology News and other national media. As a speaker, he shares his remarkable story of healing and perseverance when he recovered from complete muscle paralysis in 2006 using techniques in holistic medicine. He inspires hope for those suffering from illness and is also a resource for other health practitioners.