It was one failure after another. I bounced around in any job I could get for years. I yearned to tread the road to riches. But, after years in the work force, I looked up, and still, I was in a job that I didn't like—broke, barely getting by.

It was at that time I found the book called Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill. And I tore that thing to pieces. I read it seventy-seven times. And interestingly enough, within a few months my fortunes took off. I started making money on the Internet. I became America's Foremost Internet Marketing Consultant, I founded World Internet Summit, and began circling the globe teaching thousands of eager Internet Marketers the secrets to online success.

But what happened was this. Really it's a short story; very important. I found out that all the tools that you could load people up with, all the strategies that genuinely worked, all the resources, websites, and contacts you could leave them with simply weren't enough. They had to have what I had found coincidentally, by accident: they had to have the heart and mindset portion first.

They had to have the wealth lust. They had to have the burning desire. They had to have it organized a certain way. They had to have it internalized to become wealthy, and then the vehicle was just a second choice. It's the inner person first.

So that's where I put my mark in the sand and said, "This is what I'm going to represent. This is how I'm going to help millions of people." I started that career off by rewriting the public domain work that got it all going for me. Napoleon Hill’s public domain success classic, Think And Grow Rich. And we've been going up that road from then on.

The heart, the mindset comes first; the vehicle, the strategies and techniques come next. Only then does success follow.

So it was with me. And with all the success, research, and networking I’ve experienced and done, so it is with everyone. So it is with you. Put yourself in the right place, and you’ll finally achieve the success you so ardently desire.

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