I. Bioscalar Energies and Usage by the Human Body Field

Persons, that are known as "healers", seem to be able to generate spin oriented bioscalar energies and magnetic monopoles at will. They are able to generate the bioscalar electromagnetic energy from the head and upper portion of the body with both (+) and (-) spin orientations. Conversely, they are able to generate bioscalar geomagnetic (S) and (N) monopoles from the base of the spine and lower portions of the body. In the center of the body, these are combined so as to produce right hand (S) monopoles with (-) spin orientation and left hand (N) monopoles with (+) spin orientation. This energy can then be projected, usually from their hands, towards an ill person to assist in the re-alignment of the body field components of the sick person that are not synchronized with their overall natural body field configuration. It seems that much of alternative healing methodologies attempt to re-align human body field components and then to assist the body in smoothing deranged physiology and eliminating the body of accumulated toxins and waste products that result. Illness due to toxins and waste products are the result of the build up of such due to the miss-alignments of the body field and subsequent altered metabolism that is the result of the originally deranged physiology. Thus, as every good therapist knows, the first symptom of the onset of disease is an indication of some form of energetic disharmony wiyhin the human body field. The imbalanced human body field results in eventual altered metabolism and physiology of the physical body that then finally leads to the symptoms of disease according to the field component in disharmony. To correct the deranged physiology, one needs to re-align the body field component(s) first and then to help the body to de-toxify. This is the goal of all natural types of medicine, which is thus not biochemically based because natural medicine is energetically and informationally based.

The subject of scalar physics is fraught with all kinds of political, commercial and scientific controversy; some say a conspiracy by governments and corporations to keep scalar phenomena a secret because of its both helpful and harmful potential.

Scalar energy is not unique to living forms but this is where a great amount of it may be found. It seems that this is where life gets much of its "free" energy. The concept of scalar energy goes back to James Clerk Maxwell (1831-1879). His work showed that if two identical electromagnetic waves are brought together at exactly the same orientation and phase while moving directly towards each other, the field components cancelled out and what was left was what is called "scalar energy". For example, two crests may cross one another, in which case a new crest will appear which is much larger, a product of the energy of the two crests combined. Or a crest traveling in one direction may cross a trough traveling in the other direction; in this case the two patterns appear to cancel each other out. Usually, the crossing wave patterns will not coincide exactly trough to trough, crest to crest. Various complicated interference patterns appear as the wave forms cross and re-cross the medium. However, sometimes the frequency of vibration, wave length, and the size of the area which contains the wave combine in such a way that the crossing wave forms coincide exactly with each other, trough to crest, 180 degrees incident to each other. What is left is called scalar energy. This energy is available for use and may be thought of as a type of "free" energy. Well, it seems that this is what living forms are capable of doing. This free bioscalar energy may then be directed for use within the living form, whether unicellular or organismal. It is the theory of the author that this is accomplished by the transverse component of the body field and is distributed by the horizontal component to the body for usage. The orientation of the transverse component makes up a grid that acts as an antenna to interact with specific external wavelengths out of all impinging electromagnetic and geomgnetic waves. The grid also makes sure that the orientation and phase of incident waves is such as to produce bioscalar energy. Thus, the living form will absorb these electromagnetic/geomgnetic waves and derive bioscalar energy from them. In addition to the ability to generate electromagnetic bioscalar energy with spin orientation, humans are able to generate geomagnetic monopoles with pole orientation. The North pole is designated as (+) and the South pole as (-). Thus the body will combine both (-) and (+) components together as (S-) and (N+) bioscalar energies. This implies that there is produced in the universe at large the appropriate wavelengths needed by living forms, or much more likely, that living forms have developed the ability to use the various frequencies at large in the universe. The bioscalar energy generated is used to maintain the overall aura, body field, resistance to geopathic stressors and the like. It is not the same kind of energy as the energy that is derived from food. Food energy is needed to supply the high-energy adenosine-tri-phosphate bonds that allow all working processes within the body to perform all the necesary biochemical events that are part of being alive in the physical realm. However, both of these 2 types of energies are needed for life.

II. Wave Phenomena

It has occurred to me that humans have energies and a concurrent body field that is complex but not too difficult to understand. Thus, this portion of the article is information about what the author knows concerning the subject. However, the first thing that will be discussed for background purposes is the acoustic properties of a closed tube or a string with only one end attached. Please refer to the pictures below:

The above pictures show in the first box the fundamental wavelength and then 3 harmonics of that fundamental in the other boxes in ascending order producing a standing wave in the tube. The length of the string is what determines the fundamental wavelength of the sound that is produced by the standing wave. For a tube, it is the overall length of the tube that determines the fundamental wavelength of the produced tone. The midline crossover points are called nodes and the point of the greatest width of the wave is called the anti-node. The mathematical equations concerning the end attached string and the closed tube are not relevant to this discussion, only the illustrations are relevant as will be discussed. Notice that the above waves are complete and have 2 complementary halves to it and is only 2 dimensional (length and width)!

If you look at a sine wave from the side, it seems to only have two dimensions, length and (+), (-) height as measured from the midline of the waveform. The node and anti-node are also referenced from the midline of the waves. The sine wave of the oscilloscope only has one part and does not have a mirror image, as does the acoustic or an electromagnetic wave. If we pretend to look at a light beam, we are able to see from a place that is horizontally to the side of the direction of the wave propagation, we can see something that looks like a complete sine wave with its mirror portions. However, if we look along the direction, down the route of propagation as it were, of the direction of the light beam; we see that the light really looks like a tube with the wave traveling in what appears to be a circumscribed circle. In actual fact, the wave is traveling in a continuous spiral down along the route of propagation that just happens to look like a sine wave if we look at it from horizontal to the line of propagation and a circle if looked at from end on. These guidelines will help you understand the future discussion if you keep these simple details in mind.

As stated, acoustic waves have 2 dimensions and complementary opposed portions. Electromagnetic waves, however, have 3 axes of propagation, all at right angles to each other. The wave consists of a seemingly center longitudinal axis in the direction of wave propagation and a horizontal and transverse axis; again, all axes are perpendicular to each other. Also, one needs to be aware that similar waves may be out of phase with each other. The phase of a wave is the fractional difference of a complete cycle corresponding to an offset in the longitudinal displacement of the waveform from a specified reference point at any time, (t = 0). Perhaps the waves may have started at a different time, a short delay between wave generation, or perhaps one has passed through a medium that has incrementally slowed the one of the same kind of waves and now they are "out of phase" because the position of the nodes and anti-nodes, peaks and troughs, do not match up exactly.

A standing wave is also known as a stationary wave. This type of wave is called a "standing" wave because it is a wave that remains in a constant position. This phenomenon can occur because of two different cases. One, the medium is moving in the opposite direction to the wave at exactly the same velocity as the propagation (as in fluids). Two, it can arise in a stationary medium (as in a fluid or in space/time) as a result of interference between two identical waves traveling in opposite directions. Thus, the sum of two counter-propagating waves (of equal amplitude and frequency) creates a standing wave. Standing waves also commonly arise when a boundary blocks further propagation of the wave, thus causing wave reflection, and therefore introducing a counter-propagating wave in the opposite direction to the incident wave. This then causes the standing wave. In electromagnetic parlance, what would result is termed "scalar" energies/fields rather than a standing wave. The two waves that are of equal amplitude and frequency and meet exactly 180 degrees incident to each other cancel out the vector elements and what is left is called scalar energies/fields. In theoretical physics, scalar field theory can refer to a classical or quantum theory of scalar fields. Such a field is distinguished by its invariance under a Lorentz transformation, hence the name "scalar," in contrast to a vector or tensor field. The quanta of the quantized scalar field are spin-zero particles, and as such are some form of boson (Wikipedia).

In relation to the human body field, what two sources are generating the waves that produce the standing wave that is our body? Or, if there is only one source, what is the boundary that is causing the reflection? Is it possible that the opposite movement of some medium is matched by our movement through "space" and produces the standing wave of our human body field? If this is the case, what then is this medium? These are all very intriguing questions but are outside of our immediate scope of discussion. Perhaps future research may answer these questions.

In any case, the standing wave field that forms the human body field is much like the closed tube with 8 nodes and 7 anti-nodes. Please refer to the discussion in the next heading category.

In the case of electromagnetic waves, it is not possible to separate the energy flow from the field that the flow generates. One is not able to exist without the other. A balanced flow is resonant (synchronous) with another wave if the characteristics of the waves happen to match as to the fundamental frequencies of them or any number of harmonics of the fundamental frequency in common. Scalar energy production from various electromagnetic energy flows appears to be a common expression of living systems. Thus, bioscalar energy may be directed for use by the body, mostly as an unconscious event. Conscious, directed use of bioscalar energy can be learned.

III. The Human Condition

It seems that we humans are like the above-mentioned closed tube and the string with only one end attached; the point of attachment of the string or the bottom of the tube is at our feet. This is where we attach to the geomagnetic field of the Earth and is the base of the vertical component of our body field. Again, this is our closed tube base or where the string is attached with the free end about our head, as it were. The persons first describing the human body field were those of the Yogic tradition of the Indian sub-continent. Persons with experience in meditation like to describe the anti-nodes as to be what they call "Chakras". Consequently, the terms for components of the human body field will be according to the Yogic tradition. The Staff of Hermes is the western symbol of this tradition. This is a schematic representation of 2 snakes that are entwined about a rod with the tails at the base and the heads at the top of the staff. The human body wave/field has harmonics yielding 8 nodes and 7 anti-nodes with the bottom one fixed (attached) to the Earth and the top anti-node open to the universe. As with all energy/field relations, there are 3 axes at right angles to each other that make up the components of the human body field.

The base connected to the Earth is (-) in reference to the top of the head connected to the universe as (+) for the vertical and first axis. Yogis allude to the ida, the pingala and the sushumna. The ida and pingala are the 2 halves of the left side and right side anti-node components, as the second or horizontal axis components, of the overall human electromagnetic wave component of the human body field. The third axis is known as the transverse component with a back to front orientation. The sushumna is the relatively small diameter, central energy flow tube that is generated by combination of the Earth (geomagnetic) node and the Solar (electromagnetic) node, i. e., the feet and the top of the head of the overall human body field as the vertical field axis. This overall field is sometimes described as 2 interlacing pyramids yielding a tetrahedron with its center at the middle anti-node of the 7 anti-nodes. It is described as pyramidal because of the North-South Polar field orientation and cardinal compass points due to the transverse field component. If we look at the human body field and the wave components of it end on, we might see a series of 7 stacked "wheels", which is what the Sanskrit word "chakra" means, a wheel. This wheel or anti-node has a dual left side spiral and a right side spiral component to it that moves considerable distance from the sushumna and looks somewhat like a vertically compressed oriental lantern and hence the depiction as a wheel. The left has a clockwise (CW) spin (-) and the right has a counter-clockwise (CCW) spin (+). When the left-side and right-side spins are balanced, you feel that you are in a centered state of beingness. The Earth anchoring node at the feet is where the energies of the Earth start their influence upon the body field. These energies move from the Earth to the top of the head and out into the universe. The Solar-anchoring node at the top of the head is where the energies from the solar system and galaxy start their influence on the body field and move from the universe and down to the Earth. This is the reason in some cultural expressions for the description of the 2 interlaced pyramids as describing the human body field

The transverse component is much the same but has a from back to front orientation instead of left or right. The transverse portion moves through the nodal points back to front, perpendicular to the sushumna except at the Earth node and the Solar node. This means that there is an elliptical field component to the human body field that resembles, in the completely balanced state, one truncated cone projecting forwards and backwards at each of the 5 middle nodes and only one truncated cone projecting towards the core of the Earth at the base of the spine and one truncated cone projecting into the universe from the top of the head. Please refer to the picture below.

A truncated cone is a cone with the pointed end cut off and thus open at both ends and acting much like a trumpet, to use an acoustic wave example. These truncated cones have a tuned frequency according to the central length of the cone from ideal tip (what the total length of the central length would be if the tip had not been cut off) to the center of the base circumference. Additionally, the transverse component also has bilateral dipole field elements projecting perpendicularly sideways to the vertical component and thus the sushumna from the front to back projected midline of the transverse component at each node. Please remember that the transverse component responds to geomagnetic phenomena while the horizontal component responds to electromagnetic phenomena.

The "wheels" are arranged in 12 left and right side circular segments from the midline measured as back to front on each side from 0 degrees to 180 degrees. The direction of influence is through your body, back to front in direction, for a total of 12 wheel segments on each side. Twelve CW (-) segments stepwise from the midline at the back and 12 CCW (+) segments stepwise to the opposite side from the back, in 15 degree arcs. These are the 12 sub-sets of the 2 left-side and right-side main horizontal components. Thus, each segment of the spiral turn is in a 15 degree arc of influence with a time component determined by the combination of the transverse component and the incremental side component. Each of the 12 (+) and (-) 15 degree arc wheel segments takes a total of 2 hours for transit, according to traditional Chinese medicine (TCM). Each wheel transit therefore takes 24 hours to complete. Thus all 7 anti-nodes are transiting at the same time in synchrony, both in the (+) and (-) sets of the left and right spiral components. Being healthy means that the (+) and (-) spiral flows are synchronous and balanced. As the wave becomes the opposite sign at the next node, this means that the 12 sub-sets need to be balanced from left to right and back again. This also means that you are whole and in good health. The 7 dual (+) and (-) wheels or anti-nodes of the spiral wave are the regulators of the energy systems of the body. The 12 wheel segments of each wheel are the integrators and regulators of the already in place physiology of the body. The various compartments of the tissues and organs of the body, but especially the cells that make up the tissues and organs of the body are integrated into a metabolic whole by this system; see Nutri-Energetic Systems at www.nutrienergetics.com/ for more details.

Each individual cell plays a role in providing a service to the body as a whole. This is made possible by the transcription of DNA and the translation of messenger RNA for the making of the proteins necessary for the enzymatic functions and metabolic pathways of cellular metabolism. The timing for this overall process is governed by the reception of mostly Solar System electromagnetic and gravitomagnetic flux. Just as the Earth is the source for the energy of the body field, the Solar System is the source for cuing of DNA transcription within the existing body field. To gain an understanding of this phenomenon, the analogy of a carrier wave and modulation of that carrier wave will be used. The carrier wave in the case of the human body field is the harmonic of the fundamental frequency that yields the 7 anti-nodes or "wheels". This carrier wave is modulated by the background rhythmic Solar System flux. It is this rhythmic character of the flux that is cuing the DNA transcription by the modulation of the carrier wave through time. Thus, the human body field is tied to the Earth but modulated by the Stars! The Earth node anchors the human body field in the material realm with the basic frequency and harmonics as the carrier wave of the human body field that provides the overall morphogenic field for the substances of the air, soil and water that make up the actual physical body. Directing the timing of and cuing the overall metabolism of the body are the modulating Solar electromagnetic frequencies riding the carrier wave.

IV. The Relation of the Human Body Field to the Geomagnetic Field of the Earth and the Electromagnetic/Gravitomagnetic Flux of the Solar System

The geomagnetic field of the Earth is an overall toroidal shape. There is a North Pole and a South Pole. The Earth spins upon its axis towards where the sun rises and this direction is designated as East. Where the sun sets is designated as West. The human body field is oriented within this backdrop environment. The sushumna is perpendicular to the core of the Earth with the Earth node attached to the (-) core of the Earth and directly influenced by the geomagnetic flux at the ground/atmosphere interface (biosphere) as source energy for the vertical component of the body field. The top Solar node and open anti-node is influenced in turn by the cyclic rhythms of the Solar System (+) and for regulation of the cycles of physiology (metabolism) according to the seasons.

The place where one is born, grows up and develops in the biosphere has a great bearing upon the integration of the 8 nodes and 7 anti-nodes and the subsequent development of the lifeform. This is the basis of the cultural expression known as astrology. The rhythmic fluctuations that the sun, planets, moons and asteroids provide to the biosphere have a profound effect upon the development, growth and behavior of human beings. As stated above, the carrier wave of the bilateral spiral or horizontal component is modulated by these rhythms and act to cue real-time events in the physiology and behavior of human beings by spurring and guiding genetic expression from conception through the lifetime of a person. The use of astrocartography provides an interesting global picture of these influences for each person.

The toroidal field components of the geomagnetic field of the Earth are not uniform as they move across and from the surface of the Earth into the universe. The paramagnetic and diamagnetic composition of the rock strata, the surface and sub-surface flows of water, the sub-surface placement of organic material (coal, oil and gas), all alter the surface geomagnetic field parameters. These are known to effect human health because they can adversely affect the sushumna and the transverse component, this is called geopathic stress. There are field patterns strewn across the surface of the Earth. Two are known as the Hartmann and Curry Grids and are among other patterns that are known by people sensitive to these pattern flows. Dowsing is the ancient form of grid detection. There is no currently reliable technological method of detecting geopathic stress areas, at this time. It is best to sleep, work, live and play where there are no adverse grid lines crossing each other. Please do research this topic for yourself and learn how to take care of your health! Yogis always sleep with their head towards the North Pole as India is in the Northern Hemisphere. If you are in the Southern Hemisphere, sleep with your head towards the South Pole. If you live on the equator, sleep with your head to the East. These orientations seem to keep your sushumna and transverse component open and synchronized.

The transverse component of the human body field is tied to the North and South polar axis. In the northern hemisphere it is best to have the orientation to be with the southern pole behind you and with the northern pole in front of you when meditating. The transverse wave component acts just like a dipole antenna for radiating energy from the back-to-front midline of each nodal point of the sushumna in the horizontal direction from each node midline as stated above. This component seems to provide a time sequence as past being at the back, the present being centered (in the here and now) and the front being the future coming into being.

As the sideways component is moving in a spiral, there must be 12 spiral components that jump between the 8 nodes in the 7 anti-nodes. This means that there is an orientation of the spiral components within the sushumna. The circle of the sushumna has 12 spiral components but only 8 jump points and 7 twists. The angular twist of the spiral is theorized to be 180 degrees in order to match the (+) to (-) switch at each node. Thus the orientation always remains a mirror of each other along the length of the sushumna as they switch polarity at each node. What is set up then is 2 cylindrical fields, each complementary to each other in spin orientation, the left side moving out from the back to the left side to the front and returning to the center; with the right side just exactly opposite. Thus we have the smaller central sushumna closed tube cylinder at the core and the 2 larger side open tube cylinders as overlapping anti-nodes connected to the core cylinder at the nodes of the sushumna. Remember that the length of these tubes is what determines the fundamental frequency and harmonics at which these tubes will resonate.

It appears that each of the 3 axes has a particular health status associated with it, according to Nutri-Energetic Systems (www.nutrienergetics.com/). As stated, the vertical axis relates to geopathic stress and disharmony results most often in insomnia. The disharmony in horizontal axis results in problems with free radicals and affects primarily the large intestine, sigmoid colon and the liver (dealing with wastes and toxins). The disharmonies in the transverse axis results in problems with heat creation and distribution, or as known in TCM - the yin/yang balance. As you can imagine, there are combinations that result in different disease symptoms. The transverse axis is easily disrupted by air travel as a person is raised from 20,000 to 40,000 feet above the Earth surface and thus is exposed to solar radiation due to the rarified atmosphere at those altitudes. This tends to greatly reduce the competency of the immune system by affecting cell production in the white and yellow marrows. Again, according to Nutri-energetic Systems, the kidney and lungs collect matter waves from the following elements: kidneys - Carbon, Boron, Aluminum, Silicon, Phosphorus, Potassium, Calcium, Magnesium, Manganese, Chromium, Scandium, Vanadium, Cobalt, Ruthenium, Rhodium, and Cadmium; lungs - Hydrogen, Oxygen, Nitrogen. This fits with TCM theory as the kidneys and lungs are said to be the main systems involved with the distribution of energy within the human body. Those that meditate have learned to correct disharmonies in their human body field through experience and to direct bioscalar energies to correct energy flows in their body field. This is only 1 of the reasons that meditation was initiated in the first place. Meditation allows one to become more aware of and sensitive to but not adversely affected by the various causes of human body field disruption. Awareness always precedes intent!

V. The Biophysics of Informational Medicine

For those that are not accomplished at the art of meditation, what methods allow one to re-align the various components of their body field? Various aspects of alternative medicine are focused upon this goal. Homeopathy, TCM, Naturopathy are all geared to this task. However, it seems that Informational Medicine works directly upon the body field and not upon the elimination of wastes and toxins and nutritional support as does the modes of alternative medicine. Informational Medicine is what our ancestors used in times past and is incorporated into Shamanistic practices. Modern man has forgotten this knowledge due to political and religious persecutorial influences. By all means, if you are involved in an accident, go to the hospital! However, for chronic diseases it is best to use alternative and informational medicine! Informational medicine works by making the body aware of those portions of the morphogenic field of the body in disharmony and thereby enables the body to correct these disharmonies and heal itself naturally. While traditional allopathic medicine is based on biochemistry, informational medicine is based on biophysics.

Modern physics now shows us that everything is a pure energy phenomenon of interaction, information fields and resonance. Now, modern informational medicine addresses the bioresonance of an individual to and with the environment provided by the physical material substances and the geomagnetic field of the Earth. The positional timing of the 12 horizontal segments of the horizontal wave serve to guide how information provided by the morphogenic field gets distributed and is subject to distortions. The human body field is organized into a comprehensive matrix as shown in the above discussion. This is why it is so important to correct any distortions in the morphogenic field, which contribute to the information pathways that are structures in quantum space that affect physical space.

Studies included in biophysics span all levels of biological organization, from the molecular scale to whole organisms and ecosystems. Biophysics deals with the biological mechanisms involved in the flow of energy through biological organisms in the biosphere of the Earth. Thus the fields that organisms exhibit are one part of the energy flows in the overall environment of the Earth. A part of biophysics is the study of phenomena that have to do with quantum processes: the absorbance of certain frequencies of radiation and the phenomenon of resonance; the conversion of chemical energy into motion; magnetoreception in animals and Brownian motors in many cellular processes to name a few. Biophysics has also been active in researching the quantum mechanical analysis of magnetic fields and may possibly shed light on circadian rhythms in relation to the response of biological systems to the electromagnetic flux impinging upon the Earth. In the above discussions, the importance of the carrier frequency of the geomagnetic node and the modulation of the fundamental frequency and harmonics by the Solar node has been noted in reference to circadian rhythms.

Quantum processes are not well understood at any level. Informational medicine is thought to work at the level of quantum coherence dynamics and not at the physical level of biochemistry. The organism is an incredible matrix of activities from the very fast to the very slow, from the local to the whole body, all perfectly working together, so perfect that each activity appears to be operating as freely and spontaneously as the whole. However, the organism is radically uncontrollable in a mechanistic sense through the use of just biochemistry. If you try to impose mechanistic constraints, you compromise the body by making it ill, and ultimately killing it. It is quantum processes that yield the physical phenomena of energy flow, wave functions and the fields generated attendant to those flows/functions and the use of those energies by living organisms. It is these processes of quantum coherence dynamics that are being discovered and researched by many persons, both trained scientists and interested enthusiasts alike. Quantum healing addresses healing of the body-mind from a quantum level and not the level of biochemistry. That means from a level, which is not manifest at a physical sensory level and deals with the mind-body interaction of the person that is ill. Allopathic medicine fails because it attempts to impose mechanistic control and prevents the normal restoration of quantum coherence that characterizes the healthy organism. This is why pharmaceutical drugs result in terrible "side effects" including death. Our bodies ultimately are fields of information, intelligence and energy as shown above. Quantum healing involves a shift in the fields of energy distribution through the use of information, so as to bring about a correction in an ideation that has caused a blockage and thus a disruption of the natural flow of energy within the overall body field. Emotion as well as ideational intent plays a huge role in disease processes. So quantum healing involves healing one mode of consciousness, mind/emotion, to bring about changes in another mode of consciousness, the physical body. Here we see that not only are we subject to the disruption of natural energy flow within the body by geopathic stressors but also mental and emotional trauma. Unfortunately, sometimes this disharmony is the result of a divergence between personal conscious and unconscious mental/emotional processes. This divergence from inherent balanced consciousness will eventually result in energy and field disharmony and thus leads directly to altered metabolism and later the symptoms of dis-ease. Informational medicine brings to the human body field a unique functional vibratory resonance that may be encoded according to the component of the body field that is out of balance and in disharmony with the rest of the overall morphogenic field. This functional vibratory resonance ques the quantum processes to realign the components that need to be coordinated with the morphogenic field so that all is flowing in the proper and natural manner. This is the role of quantum coherence dynamics within living systems; the generation of the body field and the subsequent inherent flow of energies and generation of the morphogenic field of the body that produces the blueprint for the accumulation of matter that is the actual substance of the physical body. Informational medicine is the best avenue to cue the quantum coherence dynamics of the human body field.

The role of socialization, the teaching of cultural mores and the processes of thought entrainment due to the dictates of political and religious dogma all have an impact on the possible disruption of the natural inherent flow of energy through individual persons. This is the origin of much of the emotional and mental trauma that assails every person. The use of informational medicine allows for the rebalance and continued natural flow of the energies and components of the human body field. However, only by living in resonance with the natural energies and fields of the Earth and Solar System will each person truly be whole. It is the opinion of the author that we people need to take back our bodies and learn how to take care of ourselves by the use of natural processes!

VI. References

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Author's Bio: 

Dr. Block has been meditation since the age of 4 years. His extensive academic training and biomedical research uniquely qualifies him to author this pioneering landmark work.