Touching comprises a significant part in human body language. A person's touch is able to transmit various messages that could be understood in different ways under certain circumstances. So be careful in touching somebody as you don't want to be misinterpreted in your intentions. In my book, "Secret Body Talk", I talked about the four main types of touching and the importance of touch.

1) If you want to be seen as the sociable kind, the social touch is very common, especially for the more expressive specie--like us, the women. This is usually common is parties and social gatherings, such as hugging and kissing--signifying a welcoming approach.

2) There's also the importance of the friendly touch. It's as simple as a pat on the back or on a shoulder, but it may mean a lot to someone who needs comfort and support.

3) The intimate touch is only shared with individuals who have grown deep bonding with each other. As the name suggests, this is also usually reserved for the loving affection between couples.

4) Finally, we have the professional touch. This is what you get whenever you visit your therapists, physicians, dentists, and other professionals. This kind of touching gives you the reassurance and comfort that you need.

Never underestimate the soothing effect and importance of touch. It's another effective form of communication. Tactile or not, touching is another strong way of conveying messages when it comes to body language.

So be careful and at the same time, be wary of the signal you send out--since body language is way powerful than the words you speak out.

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