When you review the facts straight-laced, mainstream science is by far a bigger fairy tale than intuitive spirituality. Nowhere is this more evident than the scientific dismissal of an intelligent universe. Science types who consider themselves conservative often scoff at spiritual concepts like universal intelligence, insisting the cosmos is the result of blind chance.

Science types who consider themselves conservative often scoff at spiritual concepts like universal intelligence, insisting the cosmos is the result of blind chance. But the idea of billions and billions of lucky breaks happening at exactly the right time to create the universe and everything in it seems considerably more far-fetched than the notion of a conscious cosmos.

If we accept the storyline provided by mainstream physics, during the 12 to 14 billion years since the universe began through the Big Bang there has been a continuous stream of perfectly lucky breaks resulting in the accidental formation of stars, planets, galaxies, the ideal conditions for life, and the eventual emergence of various organic forms. The mathematical odds required to support this notion are absolutely absurd.

If the number of particles left over in the wake of the Big Bang had been slightly greater, the new cosmos would have been too dense and thus would have collapsed on itself to form a massive black hole. On the other hand, a minute decrease in the number of original particles would have caused the universe to expand so quickly that stars and planets had no time to form.

A 0.2% variance in the mass of a neutron would have completely eliminated the possibility of atoms emerging from the primal waves of energy. In this event there would of course be no matter of any kind.

If the strong nuclear force of the first atoms had been a fraction of a percent weaker, the entire universe would have become pure hydrogen. If this strong force had been a fraction of a percent more potent all the original atoms would have burned up, leaving no fuel to form stars.

Gravitational and electromagnetic forces from the moment of the Big Bang were precisely in the right range to eventually produce supernovas and the development of heavy elements. This process is of course what ultimately led to carbon, oxygen, and organic material, or life. Any deviation across literally billions of actions and reactions would have disrupted the emergence of our galaxy, our planet, and the life forms that preceded us.

The earth formed in the perfect proximity to the sun for the development of life. Thereafter myriad complex ecosystems emerged, each with their own compliment of coexisting organisms; again the number of coincidences that allowed all this to happen is no less than astonishing.

You began as a tiny spec of organic material that contained the coded instructions for your physical growth, emotional development, and mental advancement. Since that moment of conception and continuing to this very moment, your body has experienced millions of chemical reactions and electrical transmissions in every second at the cellular and atomic levels.

Modern medicine admits that your cells and systems are intelligent. For example your digestive system is aware and adaptive; it learns and communicates with other systems within your body. In the same manner the living cells of all organisms are conscious, for they emerged from the intelligent field of potential that gives rise to the particles and atoms that form all things.

Scientists who insist the universe is a meaningless accident are deliberately ignoring the obvious. The universe is creative and precise to a degree that indicates a vast intelligence.

Of course many in the scientific community choose to embrace this truth.

Albert Einstein believed natural law revealed intelligence "far superior" to human logic. He spoke often and reverently of the clear powers of "reason" that is observable in the natural world.

Nobel prize winning physicist Max Planck also referred to the "conscious and intelligent" mind behind the manifestations and phenomena of the natural world. This mind, Planck asserted, controls the vibration of atoms and causes the formation of matter.

Several contemporary researchers also promote the idea of universal consciousness. The current and coming generation, within the scientific community and elsewhere, have the opportunity to shift the mainstream paradigm.

To accept the truth about the cosmos is empowering on many levels. You are a complex, conscious manifestation of the cosmic forces that created you. The universe observes and expresses itself through your awareness, and your desire to expand and be fulfilled is the natural, unstoppable inclination of space and time to increase from their point of origin.

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