The key to success in just about everything you may attempt to do ALWAYS starts with you! Whether your plans are for business success or personal achievement absolutely everything originates within your person. Once you accept the personal responsibility that you must first invest YOURSELF in the process to become successful you will find that half the battle is already won.

No matter what you may be striving for in terms of objectives or achievements there are certain things you must always do to reach your goal.

Here are the 3 steps that you must personally take to become successful at just about anything you may set out to accomplish no matter how big or small.

Map Out Your Strategy

Once you have determined your objectives, which obviously is a big part of this process and can only be done by you, you must decide how to accomplish them. There will be actions you will need to take and possibly resources you may need to make available to reach the goals you have set.

This strategy is very important since it is your 'map' and it gives you direction as to what needs to be done and how it will be accomplished.

It is important to give this particular step all the time it needs since the plans you put together will directly influence how quickly you meet your objectives. On the other hand if there is an error in your plans you will fail to accomplish anything except increasing both your frustration and stress levels.

Keep Your Focus

The plan or strategy that you have 'mapped' out in the previous step now need to be followed diligently which will require your resolve and focus. Depending upon what your goals are your efforts to achieve them may have to be sustained over a lengthy period of time and this may test the strength of your commitment. One thing you can count on is there will be plenty of distractions and temptations to divert your attention but your focus should help to block most of that out.

Track Your Results

Monitoring your progress is critical since you need to know how far you have come and that your actions are in fact effective. This is a time where you may discover the need to slightly 'alter' your approach to improve upon the results you are getting.

Now if you do need to make changes don't sweat it and become frustrated or discouraged since these changes will only make things easier for you.

As we stated earlier you alone possess the key to success in just about anything you may set out to accomplish. By taking the personal responsibility to invest yourself in any efforts necessary to reach your desired goals is half the battle. Whether you set your targets for business success or perhaps personal achievement it doesn't matter since either way your involvement is mandatory. Once this realization is made you will find that success will come much easier to you.

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TJ Philpott is an author and Internet entrepreneur based out of North Carolina.
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