Here is how you become a Vibrational Match to your desires!

Know what you want & get clear on what you want.

Desire it but not need it or want it. What I mean is, you must want it to manifest in life but, you must be completely & totally happy with the current situation of your life. Just because you don’t have that something which you desire in life, if you are going to crib about it, you will resist it & not attract it into your life
experience. If you have a small car & you dream of a big car, be happy & grateful of your small car & don’t crib about the fact that you don’t yet own your dream car. Want it, but never need it or become desperate about it.

Whatever you desire, give it first. If you want to get more happiness in life, learn to make others experience happiness 1st. Giving always precedes receiving & you will learn everything about it in the article on the Law of Cause & Effect. When you give something to others, you start believing that you already have enough of it to give to others & when you believe that you already have enough it – that which you desire more, you attract even more of it!!!

Believe that the thing you want or desire is already in your possession. Even when you don’t own something, if you have complete faith & belief in the manifestation of it into physical reality, the Law of Attraction will magically bring to you that which you desire because you will be a vibrational match to your desires.

You must not have any beliefs that make you resistant to attracting your desires. We have 2 kinds of beliefs – those which empower us & those which dis-empower us. If you are holding any disempowering/ dysfunctional beliefs which are detrimental to attracting the things you want in life, there won’t be any vibrational resonance offered by you. So you won’t attract that which you desire to manifest. Now what are these disempowering/ dysfunctional beliefs & how to identify these beliefs? How to dissolve the negative effect & impact of these disempowering/ dysfunctional beliefs & dissolve ones resistance? I will be answering all these questions in complete detail in a subsequent article on EFT. Please do not skip the coming articles & directly jump to the article on EFT. Following the order of the course is extremely important in gaining value from it.

Be happy & grateful of all the things that you already possess in your current present state of physical reality. Don’t just be happy yourself but also spread your happiness & gratitude with others. (How to be grateful is also explained fully in detail in a later article on ‘Gratitude’)

So in a nutshell......

Know what you want & get clear on what you want
Desire it, but never ever feel the need for it
Whatever you desire, give it 1st to others
Believe completely & fully that the thing that you want to manifest is already yours
Dissolve resistance by getting rid of all your disempowering/ dysfunctional beliefs (The ‘how’ is fully explained in the article on EFT)
Be happy & grateful of the things you already have or possess & spread this happiness & gratitude with others (How to be grateful is also explained fully in a later article on ‘Gratitude’)

If you follow the above 6 ingredients meticulously, you will definitely become a vibrational match to your desires & attract anything you want to attract into your life experience. This is 100% guaranteed.

You will become a conscious & deliberate creator of your life experience & you will engage the most powerful law of creation to work for you & not against you. You will tilt the powers of the cosmos & the universe in your favor.

You see, everything is based on Scientific Laws & they are 100% precise all the time. 2 + 2 will always equal 4!!! So your work should be to just follow the above with complete faith & all things you desire will come to you.

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Amit Desai is an Author & Keynote Speaker on The Law of Attraction, Prosperity Catalyst & Trainer

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