Scientifically it has been proven that an average human being thinks about 50,000 - 60,000 thoughts on any given day. It’s not possible to monitor all our thoughts, but we certainly can pay attention to our feelings. Instead of trying to monitor your thoughts, simply pay attention to how you are feeling.

The better we feel, the better is our point of attraction. The worse we feel, even worse is our point of attraction.

The universe, does not merely communicate through words or thoughts alone. It’s most common form of communication with us is through our feelings. Feeling is therefore the language of the soul.

If you want to know, what’s truly going on in your life, learn to pay attention to your feelings. The problem is that, feelings are sometimes difficult to decipher & even more difficult to acknowledge & yet hidden in your deepest feelings resides your highest truth. Words or thoughts are the least reliable conveyor of the truth.

The job of the Universe is not to create but to merely observe. You are the creator & you create your world by giving feelings to your thoughts.

Here is the most important thing you must know about The Law of Attraction....

You know that everything in the Universe is nothing but ENERGY. The Law of Attraction is not just about attracting money, cars, relationships etc... It’s not just about us getting anything or attracting anything. The Law of Attraction is an Universal Law & is a scientific principle. It explains how energy works, interacts with like energy to form things of a physical nature.

Take the case of a wooden chair in your house. You know that it’s made up of wood, but you know that something far greater than even our minds can comprehend decides how certain molecules come together, how they interact & attract with each other to make up the wooden chair.

Whether it is your chair, your car, or whatever you may think of, all of it is nothing but energy, vibrating at a certain frequency & resonating with other like energies to form the existence of things of a physical nature.

So energy vibrates at certain frequencies clustering with other energies which are in vibrational resonance with it. That’s what the Law of Attraction is all about.
In ‘The Secret’ & many other books on the Law of Attraction, most authors have written that The Law of Attraction is simply put – Like Attracts Like. But this simplistic definition does not tell you “The Whole Truth”. It’s just a part of the truth but not “The Whole Truth”.

If like attracts like, then why aren’t the 2 chairs in your home which are made up of the same material slamming together & sticking to one another? The Law of Attraction is all about RESONANCE!!!

Resonance is the Key to the Law of Attraction. The energy that makes up the 2 chairs is not vibrating at a rate or a place where the resonance is at a frequency where they would come together or stick or attract to one another.

I am saying all this is because I want to make this thing very clear that, The Law of Attraction is not just a Personal Development Tool. It’s a great law which states that like attracts like only when the two objects are in vibrational resonance or vibrational harmony with each other.

You can attract anything you want, provided you are in vibrational harmony with the thing that you want to attract. You will attract into your experience that with which you are in vibrational resonance. You must be a vibrational match to the thing that you desire to attract in life.

Here is the most important thing that you must know: Only when your thoughts are in vibrational harmony with your innermost desires, you manifest in your physical reality – that which you desire!!!

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Amit Desai is an Author & Keynote Speaker on The Law of Attraction, Prosperity Catalyst & Trainer

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