Have you ever tried wrapping a copper wire around an iron nail and connecting the ends of the wire to a battery? Instantly, with the electrical charge going through the wire and around the nail, it becomes a magnet. Even with the addition of electricity, the wire alone is not magnetic, nor the nail on its own, but together the three create a fourth, magical force. The more electricity, the more powerful the magnetic force.

I call magnetism a magical force simply because if you observe it in action objectively, you would have to call that magic. Any child will tell you that it is magic when you can get one piece of metal to move towards another piece, all by itself! The Secret is only that we have taken the magical for normal and normal for magical.

This is what Napoleon Hill was expressing in his book Think and Grow Rich. Even texts as old as the Hermetica, the teachings of Hermes Trimestigus dated over 3000 years ago have the the principles know as the Law Of Attraction intertwined in their teachings.

People lose the sense of the power of invisible forces when they have been ‘educated’. “I know that is called magnetism and I understand it, so that explains everything.” But can you really explain how magnetism works? Magic!

Have you ever thought of someone you know and then moments later you bump into them or they call you on the phone or an email arrives. That is chance when it happens once in a lifetime, but when it happens more often we can call that Magic!

Magic after all is just the word for things that science cannot explain. But even when science can explain it, do you think further to question if that is a complete explanation? Does that really tell you how it works, or is that just enough to put your mind at rest so you look no further.

When we stop looking for a deeper explanation to anything because we think we understand, given some reasonable story, our mind closes. That is normal and efficient, otherwise, you are like the young child asking why, why, why, and eventually getting a smack for your incessant questioning.

This is why there are so few people who become exceptional successes in life. Those few have the courage to ask why until they find out, or come to a point of acceptance that some things just are magic, and they work, and then they use it!

The Law Of Attraction is not some new age theory or creation, The Hermetica, Gnostic, Kaballah, Buddhism, and many other ancient teachings all indicate its value and power. It is a principle, as much a universal law as is gravity. In fact, gravity is a close sibling of the Law Of Attraction. They both say that one force will attract another object to it. The sun keeps our planet in its orbit by the law of gravity, and that law is pretty basic, force attracts mass.

However the law of attraction is slightly different. Although it has the same principle of a force attracting a mass, it goes further in that it can attract specific material and non material objects. Meaning it can be used to attract different states of mind and awareness as well as money or love.

The law of attraction has one other vitally important difference to the law of gravity, which is that gravity attracts any mass, but the law of attraction can be directed to a particular object of your choosing. This is the key difference that gives us the power to control what we draw into our lives.

Back To The Science.

You are probably aware that the human body is an electrical device. An electric current runs through our body, as you discover when you get a static shock. Science has also proven that our thoughts are electrical impulses. This means that thought is electricity. This is the magic power of the Law Of Attraction, your ability to turn your thoughts into a powerful electro magnet.

Your thoughts generate the electrical current. That current travels through your brain, which is like the wire around the nail, and tuns your entire mind, personality and body into an electro magnet to attract whatever it focuses on. Your thoughts then draw the object of desire to you.

And now I must tell you why so many people fail, it is basic science. When you disconnect the battery from the wire, the nail loses its magnetic force. Likewise, when you stop thinking of your goal, the magnetic force disappears.

The longer you keep your thoughts on the goal, the longer the electrical current is running through your being and drawing it to you. As well, the longer you have the current running through your brain in this way, the more powerful the force becomes. As the magnetic force grows, it will eventually reach a point in which it can maintain some magnetic charge even if the thoughts drift away for a short time. This is why it is so important to keep your thoughts focused on your goal long enough to build up enough of a charge that some residual charge will remain as you take care of other things in your life.

This is also why most people fail in succeeding to attain their goals according to the law. It is not that the law does not work, but rather they did not build up enough of an electrical charge to turn themselves into a permanent magnet rather than just an electro magnet.

The MasterMind

You may also have noticed that when you touch something metal you get a shock, but you will get a much stronger shock when two people touch and release an electrical charge between them. This is the hidden secret meaning of “When two or more of you are together, I will be there.”

The combining of two attractive forces is greater than the sum of the parts. Two people together have the attractive power of four individuals. This is the fundamental science behind the mastermind group. The more people who join together with the same goal, the more powerful the magnetic force until it has the strength which Gandhi used to take his country of India back from the British WITHOUT ANY MILITARY FORCE WHATSOEVER!

Increase The Power Of Your Magnetic Force

The more energy you have, the stronger your magnetic force, this is obvious. But how do you build up more energy and increase the magnetic force to attract the objects of your desire? There are two ways to do this, and again, if you use both you will gain exponential results.

The first is to eliminate all negative emotions. It is not hard to see how much energy is wasted in being angry or lost in self-pity. Any thought of hopelessness is a gapping hole in your storehouse of energy. By eliminating, or at least reducing your negative emotions, both outward in anger and inward in guilt and self deprecation, you will increase your energy levels drastically. I suggest you read my ebook entitled, Understanding Words, An End to Anger and Conflict, or if you would like a more detailed study, Eliminating the Hidden Causes of Conflict and Anger is the book for you. Both are available on EntrepreneurMonk.com/books/.

The second method to increase your power is by joining with others in a MasterMind Group. The value of the MasterMind group is twofold. First it increases your power exponentially based on how many people are in the group. The more people in the group, the greater the multiplication of power available to each one.

The second and very useful benefit is that it counteracts the difficulty in staying focused on your goal at all times to maintain the electrical charge giving power to the magnet of your thoughts. A live mastermind group is found on the LawOfAttractionForum.net

If you do not choose what you bring into your life, then any random thing will come in your way, like a tree in your path as you ride your bike and try to talk on the phone. Your thoughts have left focus on your path and so accidents will occur. But if you are part of a mastermind group, then there will always be someone there to help you stay present and arrive safely at your destination.

Emotions are energy. Focus and choose your thoughts because they will determine your emotions and thus the power of your magnetic force to achieve your goals.

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A unique enigma, balanced perfectly on the razors edge of the business and spiritual worlds.

David Samuel has gone from rags to riches, using the power of his mind and understanding of human nature to master the material world. He has also spent years of study in the Zen, Buddhist and Sufi traditions.

Now, bringing the perfect harmony of the two realms together in the modern world, clearly teaching a method of resolving the perplexing question of "Why do I do what is bad for me but do not do what is good for me?"

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