Within the channeled material by Lena Lees, Kuan Yin has stated: “See my image, create my image. Understand all my manifestations.”

Scientists have been aware of neural lags for a while. They appear in the optical nerve as time gaps (vision gaps). These gaps represent the time interval during which a nerve impulse is traveling from the retina to the optical lobe of the brain. During these time intervals, the mind automatically generates the most probable ‘filler’. An example of this would be a basketball player intuiting the exact distance between where she or he is standing and the basket.

These accumulated gaps add up to probably hundreds of thousands of MOMENTS per day wherein alternate visions can be inserted. Perhaps the most exciting aspect of these scientific findings suggests endless visualization potential for our free will: that we can totally revise any of our visions, augmenting or completely replacing those images dwelling ‘between the lines’.

Examples of how visions, thoughts and emotions are the building blocks of infinite universes; Kuan Yin’s parables and metamorphisms show evolutions proceeding from the original imprint. A sample envisioning could be: “I see myself beginning and pursuing each day with joy: only attracting those circumstances aligned with my highest goals.” To make your personally inspired vision a ‘vibrational fit’, embellish it with complimentary soaring emotions.

Integral to this process, one must necessarily develop a specific kind of focus: focused intent. Such ability is required for identifying the shape and breadth of one’s thought and emotion formations. Having their unique and indelible residues, visions combined with thoughts and emotions create the blueprint for personal reality. Intimately associated with molecular process theories, the building up and breaking down of these imprints can create uncountable parallel universes.

Stating: “You can have a hope. However, to agonize over the future is not very skillful,” Kuan Yin explains that worry and other inhibiting thought projections are most definitely not the purpose of imagination--that they can possibly create negative "made up stories". With these amazing minds of ours, we are meant to imagine the most expansive possibilities. Some lesser reality could be viewed as an accumulation of incomplete or inaccurate thought forms.

It is because the earth offers us diverse and endless opportunities to fully explore, indeed test the waters that Kuan Yin stresses it is this present; this “realistic life” that is our opportunity for self-realization:

“Everyone creates realities based on their own personal beliefs. These beliefs are so powerful as to be responsible for creating [fulfilling and/or entrapping] realities over and over.”
-Kuan Yin

References: Beneficial Law of Attraction: the Manifestation Teachings (Hope Bradford) http://tinyurl.com/y9assuf

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Bringing to Beneficial Law of Attraction: the Manifestation Teachings her extensive studies in ancient and contemporary wisdom and philosophy, Ms Bradford has acquired years of expertise in Transpersonal Hypnosis. In spite of her extensive professional credentials and experience, she could never have imagined the singular psychic event that would transform her life. Commencing in the winter of 2004, a hypnosis client, Lena Lees, spontaneously channeled Eastern deity of Compassion Kuan Yin. She revealed the deity’s immutable teachings on the law of attraction. Witness and transcriber of these sessions, Ms. Bradford has now distilled the original treatise: bringing to you Kuan Yin’s world-renowned compassion and its centrality to Beneficial Law of Attraction. http://tinyurl.com/y9assuf