Why Thinking Big Matters
Jason Clegg
This past weekend I read a book that has already begun to shape my thinking significantly – The Magic of Thinking Big by David Schwartz. I actually came across this over a year ago in the “recommended reading” list inside Tim Ferriss’ popular Four Hour Work Week. If I remember correctly, this was Ferriss’ top reading suggestion in his original edition.

Let’s just cut to the chase – The Magic of Thinking Big is an incredibly valuable text for anyone looking to rewire their thinking patterns in the direction of success. Entrepreneurs beware: This book is going to change your #@$#@ life!

David Schwartz is one of the most impressive “success literature” writers I’ve come across to date. The guy is 100% straightforward without the bull. He gets right to the core issues that lead most people to failure and a few to success. And as we all know, it’s all in your head.

What’s Your Excuse for Failure?
Cover - The Magic of Thinking Big by David SchwartzRight in the beginning of The Magic of Thinking Big, Schwartz lays into the most common problem everybody has with achieving their goals – EXCUSES. According to Schwartz, excuses are the #1 reason people fail. And most people chalk up their excuses to AGE, TIME, HEALTH, and INTELLIGENCE.

Think about it. How many times have you put something off because you are convinced you didn’t have the time to do it? How many times have you decided you couldn’t achieve something because you are too old or too young to make it happen? And how many times have you complained about your health? (Personally, this is my greatest pet peeve. People are always going on and on about how bad they feel. Who wants to hear that nonsense?)

But what I love most about this book is Schwartz gives you nowhere to run and hide. He quickly and effortlessly shows how each and every excuse you create is just an excuse and nothing more. It all boils down to one point – there is only one reason you are not achieving your goals, dreams, and ambitions: YOU.

Entrepreneurship is Thinking Big
There’s so much more to appreciate about The Magic of Thinking Big, but I’m sure you’re not exactly in the mood for a detailed review. If you’re reading this and you’re looking to get more out of life by getting greater control over your thought patterns and taking more control, I highly recommend you get a copy of this book (in fact I URGE you to do it).

Whether your goal is to start your own successful business or to get more out of your existing business, you must remember that entrepreneurship success comes down to the focus and determination of you, the one person who sets and achieves the right goals. Schwartz will help you to think more like a successful leader, to be more forward-thinking, and to get more support and cooperation from the people who matter most on your way to the top.

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