As businesses we are consistently faced with the challenge of reaching our audiences. Smart businesses implement a marketing and advertising strategy that includes the marketing mix of product, price, place and promotion.

However, what really seems to perplex the business owner is the method by which to share their mix. Do I market online using email, social media and banner advertising? Or do I place an ad in the local paper, run a television or radio spot? Oh yea, what about podcasting, Internet radio and video?

The choices are endless and they don't stop there but this gives you an idea of what you as a business owner face as ponder the idea of marketing and making the RIGHT decision for your business.

After all, there is a level of both time and money that will be invested. So what do you do? Hire an agency, bring on dedicated staff, or DIY. Do you include all of these in your strategy? Okay, enough with the questions you get the picture. Let's talk about a solution! Here some options for you to consider.

Option #1 - Create a strategy that is dedicated to each (i.e. social media, PR, print advertising, etc) but compliments each other.

Option #2 - Create no strategy, wing it and hope it works out.

Option #3 - Create a strategy that is over arching and includes all the methods intertwined together. (i.e. Launch Website - Share via Press Release - Share via eMail - Place an Ad in a local or Targeted Magazine or Newspaper - Share the Process and Experience via Video - etc

In other words combine them all like a ladder to reach the top. You may have to hire a team either internal or external to ensure your campaign is rock solid. But, you have to start somewhere so don't be afraid, jump out there but use a life jacket called a strategy.

Author's Bio: 

Monique Terrell is the CEO & President of Sparkle Internet Image Solutions. She has
more than 15 years of Internet, eLearning and website development experience. Her company provides virtual marketing services to both national and international organizations.