We hear a lot about mind, body and soul and how important it is to connect all three. It has definitely been a prominent life lesson for me and others on a personal level. But what about the mind, body and soul of your business?

Most entrepreneurs tend to rely primarily on their intellect. Yes, even the most soulful service providers tend to default to the intellect when it comes to matters of business.

I am here to challenge the status quo and invite you to fully and authentically connect who you really are with what you do or provide for your clients.

People Do not Understand What I Do

More often than not the business strategies we are taught are not necessarily in alignment with how we genuinely want the relationships with our clients to unfold. This puts us in a place of incongruence. We have something of great value we know will help, or possibly even provide, a transformational experience for our clients. Yet, the methods to which they find us, and the words we use to describe our products and service, are not an adequate reflection of the benefits available to them through a relationship with us.

Get Out of Your Head and Into the Heart of Your Business

Lead With Your Heart

Expand your circle of influence. I’m not talking about just making more contacts with customers and clients. I’m talking about expanding the awareness of your heart. Your heart is a magnificent center of intelligence with a magnetic resonance 5000 times greater than your brain! Your heart is receiving energetic information from your surroundings (and beyond) long before your brain (intellect) begins its processing and sorting duties. When you can passionately and purposefully support your clients from your heart first, then the words or marketing materials you share with others will automatically be an authentic expression of who you really are. Because honestly, nobody really cares about how much you know until they know how much you care.

Sometimes it Takes More Than One Brain

I know you are passionate about what you do. You wouldn’t be a soul-o-preneur if you weren’t. And if you are reading this, I can assume that you also have a desire to help a lot of people, make a difference in your community or even the world. You also want to contribute financially to your family and your own personal growth and expression. Although your organization may be small—maybe just you—I want you to know that just because you are a solo entrepreneur doesn’t mean you have to build your business alone.

Highly successful entrepreneurs have 3 very important things in common when it comes to growing their business:

1. They seek professional help from a mentor or coach who has their best interest at heart.
2. They create a sustainable plan.
3. They Master Mind with others who provide accountability and a call to action.

Here’s the missing ingredient that most small business owners do not even realize is missing! They already feel like they are in ACTION—they are so busy doing it all (by themselves) that they cannot imagine adding one more thing to their overloaded to-do list.

Practice Doesn't Make Perfect—Perfect Practice Makes Perfect

You do not have to be perfect to begin. Truthfully, nobody is perfect, nor do we need to be. However, you may have heard the expression, “Do the first thing first.” Well, I’d like to add that not only do you need to do the “first thing first”; you need to do the “first thing right!” First of all, some of us do not exactly know what the “first thing is.” Some of us are doing the right things in the wrong way and some of us are doing the wrong things really, really well!

Aaargh! It is exhausting, frustrating, overwhelming, and doesn’t save us time or make us money.

Speaking of Money…

Do you LOVE money? I mean, truly, deeply, madly love money? Hmmm.
Do you feel that money is a necessary evil?
Do you wish you could just provide your service and never have to charge anyone or ask for money?
Do you believe that most people do not have enough money or cannot afford your service or your product?

Let me ask you this, do you LOVE your children? How about your dog, partner, husband, wife, parents, best friend, boyfriend, God, chocolate, horses, disco music, soccer, making love, the ocean… yourself?

“Well Schelli,” you might argue, “money is different. We need money to survive; I do not like having to need or rely on money to survive.”
And I will respond, “Yes, I understand your independent nature—that is why you are an entrepreneur!” And then I will lovingly point out that money is merely a method of exchange, an exchange of energy, of giving and receiving.

It is All About Relationship

When you can be in a relationship with money the same way you can be in a relationship with anyone or anything else that you LOVE—you will experience the flow. The ease and grace of attracting and providing for the perfect clients that love to pay you for the benefits you love to provide.

Step Into The Next Highest Version of Your Business

Wherever you are on the path to merging the mind, body and soul of your business—BEGIN—NOW with doing the “first things right.” Connect with the mentor or program that is going to serve your highest and best interest and get your message heard!

There’s no point in being a best kept secret!

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Need help with finding the perfect clients? Connect with me and a small group of highly motivated Soulful Service Providers and step into The Next Highest Version of Your own sustainable Six-Figure Business!

Schelli Whitehouse – Certified Money, Marketing and Soul Business Coach and a Professional Equine Assisted Coach (EAC) (PCC pending), invites you, to connect the soul of your business to the heart of your clients through Branding with Archetypes™ and other soulful marketing strategies. Learn more by visiting: http://www.SchelliWhitehouse.com.