A tiger can only give birth to a baby tiger with all the same DNA and characteristics that the mother tiger has. It cannot give birth to a bird or an elephant. The new baby cannot contain DNA that is different from its mother. The miracle of birth is retained within each and every species and cannot overlap into any other one. The mother cannot create anything that is not already within her.

This is the same with all of humanity but humanity totally denies this reality. We believe that our own reflection in the mirror of separation and duality is also a reflection of our creator because our ego is just too big. We have created a world of total illusion based on this ego and self centeredness. We are just too important to let truth stand in our way of our own illusions. We see and believe totally in our separation from everything. We believe in our limitation and mortality as physical beings. We believe in the duality of right and wrong, good and bad, saint and sinner. We know beyond all doubt that we are born and we die. We hope for the next life with our creator in a separate heaven that is totally different from our life here on earth. Some of us even deny the existence of a God and heaven and suffer loneliness within that thought.

The miracle of our birth lies in the truth of the tiger for we must be the same as our creator mother/father. Our creator is spiritual, not physical. We are the same. Our creator is pure thought and pure consciousness . We are the same. He is pure love and pure positivism without opposite or degrees of opposite. Our creator has no conditions for His love for as every parent knows their love for their child is forever without limitation or condition. Our mother & creator is holy and divine and we cannot be other than what he/she is. Negativity and sin and anything opposite total positivism and abundance does not exist in the universe or within us. It was not ever created in the first place because it never existed within our mother and as we all know one cannot create what is not already within it.

We are not limited physical beings for our father is not. We are not unhealthy or in poverty for He is not. We are not sinful and bad for our father is not. What we are is only what our father/mother is.We may totally believe who we are not and constantly manifest this bad dream into our life but it does not change the truth it only postpones our awakening to it. As long as we are told who we are not, we will believe who we are not. Today we are told again who we are. Our amnesia is slowly fading. We are on our final journey of awakening to pure joy and happiness. The truth of who we really are is beyond our wildest imagination...

The miracle of our birth shall now know the truth rather than believe in a million illusions.

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RL Vanwaldick is a professional businessman for the past 30 yrs and the author of the new spiritual book, A Reversal of Thought, found on www.areversalofthought.com