Nobuyuki Tsujii was 20 when he was awarded Gold Medallist at the prestigious Van Cliburn international piano competition in 2009. In fact, he started winning national awards when he was 7 and has since performed in Carnegie Hall and Tchaikovsky Conservatory among other renowned concert halls. He is known for his refined and effortless playing and keeps is audience spell bound from beginning to the end.

Mr Tsuijii was born blind.

Yet this Tsuijii's message for us - "There are no barriers in the field of music."

Patrick Henry Hughes is 21, wheelchair bound and born totally blind. Who would have thought that his fingers could glide and fly across the keyboard as he played Claire De Lune so passionately?

I was drawn by Patrick's attitude and philosophy of life. Where most would be angry with life and cry "unfair", Patrick is grateful for what he has. "God made me blind and did not give me the ability to walk.Big deal. He gave me the talent to play piano and trumpet and all that good stuff." says Patrick.

He is not fazed by what many of us would consider as insurmountable obstacles. Nothing seems to be too difficult for him. He attends University, enjoys life and plays in the local marching band. Yes. You have to watch this video clip to "see" what I mean, I have included the link at the end of the article.

I am inspired by these heroes (including Patrick's and Tsujii's parents and support groups). They see opportunities in their difficult situations, they find a way around their limitations, work hard towards their dream and smile their way through life's challenges. They do not waste their lives mourning for what they cannot have, they rejoice in what they do have and make beautiful music out of it.

The next time you feel beaten and discouraged, remember the Helen Kellers (both blind and deaf) and the Stevie Wonders, the Tsujiis and the Hughes. It is time to focus on what we can do and what we do have. Because "What we focus on will expand", Cheri Huber.

Action item? May be a good idea to list 3 things that are challenging you now and find out who else have overcome those challenges and how they did it. You may get different results from them yet their stories will warm your hearts and give you the sound of Promise.

There are many other inspirational stories if you care to look around you. And because their real life experiences of overcoming is so powerful and inspirational I have put these together in an article so you can get to read them with one click of your mouse. I have included a link below for you to access this free article.

And if you find it helpful then pass it on. You never know who may be encouraged by their music and it does not cost you anything to do this. Thank you for sharing.

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