“In the dark silent womb of the earth, frost warms to water, micro-organisms stir, the rhythms of life awaken in the heart of the seed, after a a long sleeping death in the cold hard ground ,the flower-to-be comes alive in the bright green shoot with-in the shell. Above the ground no one can see the momentous rebirth taking place or hear the whisper of new life.” The Lunar Cycle Report, Phillip Levine M.A.

The Faintest of Lights begins in Darkness

At the New Moon, the Moon and Sun are in alignment ~ there is a union of the creative potential (Sun) and unconscious receptivity (Moon). This is the time of conception ~ the egg is ready and waiting for impregnation, and this egg contains the potential for the entire cycle. There is a feeling of excitement ~ something important is in the air, but you have no definite expectation of what is to come. There is passion, a pioneering quality and an innocence to the New Moon phase. Because this is a time of unknowing it can also be a time of vulnerability and doubt. Be a visionary ~ the function of this phase is to become aware of the intention ~ later there will be opportunities to revise and reorient.

Each new cycle begins in a subjective way. At the New Moon there is an inner stirring or a new interest, but the newness does not occur in a vacuum ~ the seed or the egg is already there. The New Moon is a turning point ~ both an end and a beginning ~ thus what emerges takes place in the context of what has preceded it. However, the potential for new life is delicate and and can be hindered or severely damaged if you are unwilling to open to the new. Be active and spontaneous project yourself outward with passion and courage.

During the New Moon phase we form our intent, we see it and act on it. The question to ask yourself is ~ What do I desire? Create a visual representation that you can focus on throughout the cycle. The idea is to let the desire become the goal ~ then to become clear about that goal without any concern as to how it will be accomplished. It’s time to trust in yourself and your ability to learn and adapt. It is about the potential to manifest the desired goal.

At the New Moon (conjunction) you can think of a million things you desire but they'll all remain potential until you set your focus on something you can manage to achieve. That opportunity comes a couple of days into the cycle when a bit of discomfort (semi-sextile) forces you to get down to the business of change.

As an example ~ say at the New Moon you set your intention to find a new job and for the next two days you dreamed of all the things you'd enjoy doing and the places you'd enjoy working ~ no clear focus and a lot of imagination. If you stayed in that space you'd be doing exactly what you're now doing for the foreseeable future. Then ~ an unpleasant encounter with your boss renewes your determination to actually manifest your New Moon intention. The new job you desired at the new Moon is no longer the dream, it's now the goal you will carry with you into the Crescent phase where you develop the resources to sustain the vision of the New Moon.

During the New Moon phase the Moon moves from 0 – 45 degrees ahead of the Sun and waxes
(increases) from no visibility to a thin crescent in the early evening western sky. Each of the 8 phases last just under 4 days.

Relating the New Moon to Your Personal Horoscope

Although you don't need your horoscope to take advantage of the new Moon energy, having it can help you define this new beginning by meditating on the house where the New Moon is happening ~ this is where you are the most vulnerable at the moment but it is also the area where personal growth is possible as the cycle progresses.

Born During the New Moon Phase?

If you were born during the New Moon phase you have a tremendous amount of subjectivity and self-absorption that might drive others crazy ~ but it is your lack of objectivity that enables you to reach for things that others wouldn't dare to attempt. You are a pioneer, an adventurer and an initiator ~ You are here to say “YES” to life. The down side is that in seeing all the possibilities you might find yourself always beginning again and again..and having difficulty in naming your direction.

The Astrological Importance of the Lunar Cycle

The signs of the zodiac, the houses, and the astrological aspects are all based upon the archetypal structure called a cycle. Their meanings are derived from the particular place or function each has with in the cycle as a whole. Our lives unfold in that same cyclic pattern. This is difficult to discern because there are so many cycles ~ 12 year cycles, 29 year cycles, 1 year, 18 months, etc. ~ that overlap or interpenetrate. However, it is the very visible monthly cycle of the Moon that is the rational for interpreting all the cyclic processes that are the foundation of both astrology and our lives.

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