In the immortal words of ZZ Top, “Go and get yourself some cheap sunglasses.” Yes, they really do make sunglasses for dogs. You’ll probably do a double-take the first time you look down the street and see a dog wearing sunglasses, but they’re quickly gaining in popularity with dog owners.

Although later in this article we’ll mention some of the other reasons pet owners are putting sunglasses on their pets, the main reason for this phenomenon is that it’s just too darn cute. Just type “dogs wearing sunglasses” into your internet search engine and you’re bound to find dozens of photos of bespectacled beagles. Dogs have surpassed the status of pet and achieved the level of family member for most people. We talk about our pets as though they are our children and now we’re dressing them up for holidays and for when we take them out for walks.

Have you visited an online or local pet store lately? There’s an entire aisle dedicated to dog outfits including leather jackets, hats, khaki vests and more. It’s no wonder that Fido needs a pair of sunglasses to set off his cool new threads. There are designer leashes, designer pet beds, halter tops, sweatshirts, coats, hoodies and the list goes on and on. Sunglasses for dogs are gaining in popularity among pet owners.

Going in a slightly different direction from that trend, the tabloid television show TMZ recently held a photo contest called, “Shades on a Mutt’s Butt” where people took pictures of their dogs wearing sunglasses on their behinds with the tail looking like a nose. Hundreds of people sent in photos and there are even videos of this on you Tube.

According to pet owners, it doesn’t take long for your dog to get used to wearing sunglasses and they don’t mind wearing them. Most have a Velcro adjustable chin strap to hold the glasses on your pooch’s head.

Now we’re going to talk about some of the practical reasons to put a pair of shades on man’s best friend. They’re always sticking their head out the window of your car when you ride them around right? A pair of sunglasses can be very useful during car rides or activities outdoors to protect their eyes from flying debris and damage. Think about what gets into your eyes when you ride in a convertible or on a motorcycle. The same thing happens to your dog when he’s riding around with you. The second use for sunglasses is to keep dogs from poking their eyes as they sniff stuff. Dogs just don’t seem to think before they sniff. They tend to stick their noses into something that inevitably contains something sharp that will injure them. If they’re wearing glasses, they could avoid eye injury when their olfactory senses are in overload. Did you know ultraviolet rays can damage dogs’ eyes just like they damage human eyes? Sunglasses protect them just like they protect you. We don’t think about how long our dogs are outside at the beach, in the back yard, or at the dog park and the sun is bearing down on them that entire time. Some dogs such as Boston terriers, pugs, and French bulldogs may require extra protection for their eyes due to their physical characteristics putting them at greater risk for eye injury.

Back to the fashion side of dog sunglasses, they come in a vast array of colors and styles. Some are made like goggles, some include rhinestones, and they are available in multiple sizes as well. For those dogs that fancy themselves as celebrities, there are also mirrored dog sunglasses for added privacy.

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