There is a pain that feels good. Now, I know that sounds contradictory… and no, I'm not into S&M. But, let's take the metaphor of exercise, where we've stretched beyond what we are accustomed to.

Let's take the metaphor which I am familiar with, of weightlifting-where we enter a new area, and the muscles ache for days and days. Every ache is a good ache, and every pain feels good.

I would suggest that this metaphor can be extended into our business/personal/social affairs, so that we can knowingly step outside our comfort zones. Obviously, stepping outside the comfort zone causes discomfort; outside the comfort zone is the discomfort zone, correct?

You can learn to thrive on that. You can learn to thrive on the energy-you can become an extreme sports enthusiast.

You can, and you should. You should be stretching out in your business affairs-you're holding yourself back more than anything else. I assure you, you should be stretching out in your personal, your physical, and your social arenas. You should be stretching out in your spiritual arenas. You hold yourself back more than anything else.

It's been said and it's true, "I am my own greatest enemy." You are your own greatest enemy. So grab hold and embrace the pain that comes with feeling good.

The pain of the workout where you've stretched beyond, the pain of uncertainty when you're taking on a new venture, or approaching a new marketing project in a new and bigger way. Opening into a new medium, adopting a new product.

Get happy with, get accustomed to, and thrive on the pain that comes from feeling good.

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