A compassionate body/breath practitioner said to me today that she felt the common definition of "perfection" was very constrained. I had been a recipient of her work as we shared some observations and questions about the nature of perfection.

What had come up for me a few minutes earlier as I lay on her table was a deep anxiety at "not knowing" -- a fear of uncertainty, to be sure.

In truth, we can never know what's coming. Try as we may to control our future, we just never know what's next. There are times, like today for me, that the raw contact with that fact is very unnerving. I felt a helplessness and a vulnerability that reached deep inside. A fear of chaos and loss lingered at the edges of my mind. But as the practitioner continued to work, and as I continued to make room for that raw contact, I had another thought. "Do you think," I asked,"that underneath all the things I don't want to be but are, and all the things that I want to be so but aren't -- that under all these things there is a perfection in simply the way things are? That perfection is as simple as the way things are?"

"It's possible," she answered.

Somehow this idea was very quieting. It acted as a sort of compassionate witness to my anxiety. It didn't offer to fix it, but it offered a resting place of non-resistance to what is now -- anchoring me in that now instead of an imagined future which I feared. And that perfect, now moment was full of breath and softness and a distinct contentment.

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The spiritual inquiry is where I find my joy.

I have spent my entire adult life in the pursuit of a greater understanding of the Divine.

I found myself, about six years ago, at a point where I began to question all my decisions thus far about reality.
Enter Jennie Marlow and her guides:
Spotted Eagle, Grandfather White Elk and White Buffalo.

Through Jennie`s teaching and the wisdom of her guides, I began to learn that creation is not a static event. Through them I continue to learn powerful tools of inquiry and discovery, allowing me to increasingly live a more authentic and joyful experience.

“Joy is a measure of authenticity.” So says Spotted Eagle.

As a certified Teacher and Coach of the body of work which Jennie Marlow brings forward, I will be leading both groups and individuals who desire to learn these tools for enhanced living on this material plane.

We are here to reclaim our power from fear, and we certainly have a canvas for that!
Nothing reclaims power more quickly than joy, and nothing brings a greater essence of joy than authenticity.

The answer is in the question.

My goals as a teacher are to transform what needs to change, to destroy what no longer serves,
and to catalyze rebirth.
My gift is navigating great change without fear.
I am here to offer a path to transformation for those who seek it.