When you persuade people, you converse with them. Your conversation may take more time depending on how you are going to take them to your way of thinking. Some says that when you talk more, there will also be more mistakes. For me, this statement may depend on how you negotiate your clients. Sometimes, you really need to take a risk in taking more time to converse with your clients because this is your way of knowing their interest in your product.

When you converse with your clients, most of the time you made mistake in using persuasive words. Be very careful because there are words that can enhance or even destroy your persuasion ability to win your clients.

I will give you some words that can be disastrous or helpful in your persuasion.

The word ‘BUT’ is one of this persuasive words.

Take a look at this example statements on how they differ while using the word ‘BUT’. ‘I love you but you always hurt me’ and ‘you always hurt me but I love you’. What do you think of these statements? The first ‘BUT’ negates the statement while the second ‘BUT’ is a positive statement.

Another is the word ‘AND’.

‘I need you and you hurt me’ or ‘you hurt me and I need you’. The word ‘AND’ places the two arguments in equal footing. These two statements mean the same.

The word ‘BECAUSE’ is also a persuasive word that can be dealt with right usage.

For example these statements…

‘I need you because I love you’ or I love you because I need you’. The first statement is a positive statement compared to the second.

And the last words I can give you are the words ‘EVEN THOUGH’. ‘I love you even thought you hurt me’. Wow, I guess that’s the power of love.

Can you see the difference in using these persuasive words?

You really need to be very careful in using a persuasive word because they might become a bomb that can destroy your negotiation.

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