Weight loss and dieting is a major struggle for millions of people. Being even slightly overweight can lead to some avoidable medical issues including joint pain. Many people suffer from secondary Osteoarthritis and harsh joint pain brought on by obesity.

Dieting and avoiding the foods you like can be very difficult, even if you are highly motivated. Therefore one method that has proved successful is portion control. Eating the same food you would normally just eating a little less of it. Instead of your normal portion try serving yourself a little less. Start out with about 3/4 of your normal serving and try to work to 1/2 within a few weeks.

If you are still cooking the same amount, make sure to put some away in a sealed plastic container to avoid coming back for seconds. If you’re eating out this may seem a little harder, because you’re not the one putting the food on the plate. And I know what you’re thinking, “if it’s there I will eat it”. Well, here’s how to combat that. When ordering at restaurant that has very large portions ask for a “to go” container when you place the order. This way you can move part or half of the portion to the “to go” container so it’s off your plate and out of site. As a bonus you just got two meals for the price of one.

With a smaller portion you may still feel a little hungry after you eat but wait 30 minutes before going back for more. Often it takes that long for the stomach to signal the brain that you have had enough and feel full.

Many fast eaters will often continue eating way more than they need, but because their eating so fast the body doesn’t have time to tell them to stop. By the time the body does send that signal they have completely stuffed themselves and feel bloated and ill.

So control your portions and give your body time to register what you ate. It will lead to a feeling of satisfaction after you’ve eaten and a healthier you.

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