Today I will share with you an important practice that can bring you insight on your life at "multidimensional" levels.

Dreams are not just elaborations of the subconscious as many people think, but they are the symbolic language we use to communicate with the Universe. They are also the language through which the Universe communicate to us.

When someone comes to me, the first thing I try to understand is what symbols are involved behind that person’s experience. How they relate to it and how they live it all depends on what symbols they are holding in their mind and, at a deeper level, the symbols they have programmed within their soul.

For every event in life there is a symbolic counterpart. These inner symbols represent the blueprint through which we experience life, they are like a map for the Universe to respond to. Becoming aware of how this communication takes place allows us to understand our life deeply, redirect it towards what we need and even soften our challenges.

The following practice is fundamental in achieving this awareness.


Take a notebook that you only use for this purpose.

Divide a page into two parts. On one part you write the dream you just had soon after you wake up, while on the other part you write the main events of your day, do so right before going to bed.

Obviously the dream and the events in your life do not have to be the same. What you are looking for is signs and symbols that reveal your intimate connection between your daily life and the world of dreams that speak to you through a Universal language.

For this reason, don’t look up for congruences right away. Continue this practice for a month and, at the end of the month, see again what you wrote. What you are looking for is for recurring dream symbols that corresponds to recurring events.

More than that, take it a step further, and try to understand the direction of the event itself. Is that event taking you forward in life?
If it is so, then it is a great symbol.

Power Dream Technique n.1
You can use that symbol in meditation, or visualize it deeply, to stimulate any similar advancement in that whenever you want you want to. This is how you resonate with the Universe at a certain level, and it is how the Universe responds to you. It is a "bridge"!

Softening Challenges – Power Dream Technique n.2
If the symbol brings challenges, then try to understand the meaning of that symbol and the nature of the challenge (which you will be aware of thanks to the events you have observed in the notebook), and every time it comes out in your life put it mentally next to another more empowering symbol.
Let the challenging symbol become smaller in your mind, loosing its power and color, while the empowering symbol becomes larger, more powerful and vibrant.

Practice this technique and change your life in the way you want!

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Composer, writer, acting teacher, yoga, meditation teacher and transformational spiritual activist. Vincent has been practicing meditation since he was 17. He trained in London, Italy and India where he lived for 1 year as a monk in the tradition of Kriya Yoga.His vision and methods embrace ancient and modern times, uniting insight and practicality for highest human achievement. Part of his work is that of understanding the symbols that are at play in our life so that we can bring clarity and move into a multi-leveled unified action. When this union is experienced, one gains full power over one’s life.Vincent continues to travel intensively, enriching his direct experience and expanding his insights and understanding.He developed new methods of mentoring. coaching and transformation that apply to anyone, no matter what creed or background, based on sacred teachings, ancient and modern knowledge and his direct experienceVincent is the host of the Internet Radio Show Awareness of the Soul on BBS Radio.