When you start a Home Party Business, the first thought is how to get people to have parties. Many coaches or "uplines" advise you to have your own party first and that is a great idea! You are excited about your new position as a distributor and you are excited about the product and you think everyone else should be!

Think about why you got into the business. Some become a distributor because of the discount and then think about making money with it.. if it happens. If you don't make it happen, it's not going to. Be sure you know whether or not you really want to host parties or just enjoy the discount.

When you make the decision to sell, be sure that it's your decision and that someone didn't just talk you into it. If you have not accepted the role, you will not be successful no matter how good your coach is.

One of the greatest challenges that new distributors come across is how to get people to book parties. I know that many distributors feel they need to have a lot of product knowledge before they can start feeling comfortable with demonstrating. The beauty of hosting your own party first is that you are surrounded by friends and family, if you make any mistakes, they know that you are new at it and are very forgiving. Making mistakes is how you learn, go ahead and get them done with those who are most forgiving. Start with the products that you fell in love with and their questions will teach you what you need to know for the next time.

When you have your party, don't expect that people are just going to sign up to have their own party, you have to ask! Plant seeds through out the party (we will address this in another blog). Give them the idea to have their own party during the party. At the end when you observe how much they like your products or particular products... ask them if they would like to have a party of their own, so they can get a discount on the items they would like to purchase. I myself would generally say "when would you like to host your own party so that you can get more items that you like?" but you should ask with the way you are comfortable.

Be sure to have a calendar purchased before you have your first event. (We will also address calendars and booking later) and have it handy. Determine ahead of time what days you will have available. Being wide open looks desperate so schedule them with in both your and the clients parameters. Be sure to encourage booking within the month.

What to say when they say no... sort of... People will give you different kinds of "no-s" . Some will outright say, "no, I don't want to have a party", and your question to them is "you don't want to have one now, in the next month or the next year? or ever?". No is a different answer in every ones mind. Be sure you are clear on what "No" means. If they say no.. for now then ask permission to call them in a few months to check back in with them. If they say never, then respect that and ask if they can be on your mailing list for future order.

There are some who say no but may mean something else. I remember being with my upline when I was researching whether I wanted to represent this company. I had a friend of mine book a party and at the end of her party one of her friends answered the question with ".... no... I don't have enough friends who would come." My upline said "are you sure?" and her friend said "yeah". My upline was about to drop the ball and let it go...but I could tell she was interested in hosting a party to get more product at a discount and free stuff too. I piped up "Oh sure you do! Sara (the host of the party...not her real name) will come, won't you?" Sara says "of course I'll come" and another friend pipes up "Oh yeah, I would come too, I need to spread out my order". Then I asked her "Don't you have a couple of friends at work that would come?..or what about a friend from the gym?". After I encouraged her to think of a couple of people and she felt good knowing that she had at least 2 firm commitments she decided to host and her party generated $800 in sales. One of the girls at the party inquired about becoming a distributor herself.

Now, maybe $800.00 is not going to make anyone rich but.. the friend was happy, there was potential for more business and party bookings.. AND I got more experience. What was the secret? I figured out that some people want to host a party, it's always a good excuse to invite people over and have fun (who may not come otherwise) and that some people feel that they don't know enough people to make it worth your while. By assuring her that she did know people who would come and by letting her know that it's not all about how many people who come but it's about having fun, they feel more comfortable booking a party with you.

There are lots of people who like to have parties, there are lots who want to earn the free gifts. Take the time to genuinely talk to them without pressure and find out what it really is that they want. You have the power to empower them.

Author's Bio: 

Jody is a WAHM and has been leading other ladies in their chosen field of business for the past 15 yrs! She is a mom of six, an Accomplished ToastMaster, and has a passion for helping other women find their 'aha' moments!

Jody is owner of the new website www.DesignedforDivineDestinations.com where she blogs about day to day issues with other moms in raising children, having your own business and how to "Blend" it all!