The recent media buzz about 'The Secret' has entrepreneurs asking, "How can I put the Law of Attraction principle to work for me in my business?" It's all about the power of focus. As home-based business owners, network marketers, or coaches, you are often reminded of the importance of goal setting. You already know that goals should be SMART - specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, and timely. So, how does all of that detail relate to using the law of attraction to manifest massive results in your business, beyond what your efforts have created thus far?

The good news is, if you are clear about your business goals, your task is half completed. To really put the power of focus to work for you, you will need to begin asking yourself some probing, insightful and imaginative questions:

Who will I BE when I achieve this goal?

What will I HAVE when I achieve this goal?

What things will I DO when I achieve this goal?

You need to feel and really focus on what it would be like to have already achieved your goal! Will you feel exhilarated? Enthused? Satisfied? Peaceful? Joyous? Free?

Who will you "be" when this goal is achieved? Will you be successful? Respected? Loved? Admired? Generous?

What "things: or circumstances do you imagine surrounding yourself with as you achieve this goal? Will you drive a finer vehicle? Move to a larger home in a lovely neighborhood? Treat yourself to weekly bodywork sessions?

And what will you be DOING differently as you achieve this goal? Travel more often? Spend more quality time with family and friends? Express a hidden talent?

The law of attraction, at it's essence, states that the dominant focus of your thoughts and emotions is what you will attract. Recognizing the power of focus is key to understanding the relationship between your thoughts and your ability to manifest your desires, whether they are business goals, relationships, or travel plans.

Identifying your goal is a commendable and key initial step, but to use the law of attraction you must engage focus - the feeling power of your imagination. You must be able to see, hear, touch, taste, and inhale the fragrance of the achievement of your goals.

Once you have committed your goals to paper, you are already in a 3% minority, as compared to a vast majority who do not have any written goals. Your next step, actively focusing on the end feeling of your goal, places you among the very few. This is the place in the "manifesting your dreams" process where business-minded people often falter; since you've been trained to foresee every possibility in order to formulate contingency plans for your business, your focus may frequently be dominated by "what if's" of the negative variety.

- "What if I don't sell my quota this month?"
- "What if don't reach director status this quarter?"
- "What if I can't generate enough income from my coaching clients?"
- "What if I don't have enough projects to keep me busy?"

If your predominant focus is on contemplating worst-case scenarios, the law of attraction states that this IS what you will attract. One of the most powerful tools to assist you in clarifying your goals and taking aligned action is to use the services of a personal coach and/or a likeminded support circle, sometimes known as a "mastermind" group. This type of support can assist you to begin to shift those "what if" questions to a much more powerful, creative mindset.

- "What if I achieve this goal easily?"
- "What if I achieve big breakthroughs in life and business?"
- "What if the capital/people/resources I need are available to me right now?"
- "What if I were introduced to the perfect person to collaborate on/invest in/promote this project?"
- "What if everything falls into place perfectly?"
- "What if my coaching practice was overflowing with perfect clients?"
- "What if I was wildly, satisfyingly, incredibly successful?'

It is at this point that most of you begin to demand, "How?" "How will this happen?" "What else do I need to do to make this situation come about?" "How can I make A, B and C happen?"

Putting the power of focus to work in your business means learning to gently detach from the "how." The power of your focus is more effectively placed on "what" you want, and "why" you want it.

Detaching from the "how" puts the law of attraction to work for you in it's most powerful capacity. By leaving the how's to the law/God/the Universe/the Divine/(insert your word of choice,) you open to receiving the essence of your desire in a way that may not exactly match your stated goal. It may exceed your original intention, or it may manifest in a wonderful way that your conscious mind could not possibly have imagined.

When you allow this aspect of the creation process to be orchestrated by law of attraction, you can relax and begin to take the necessary receiving steps to bring your goals/desires into the realm of physical reality.

Unlike traditional methods of goal achievement, the power of focus (through the law of attraction) utilizes aligned action. Aligned action differs significantly from conventional doing, doing, doing. "If it's to be, it's up to me," is a classic entrepreneurial mantra, but the truth is that when you consciously use the power of focus to manifest your goals, you summon a greater power than solely your own dogged efforts.

Aligned action involves choosing actions that are aligned with your end result! Do you envision yourself working 14-hour days (to the detriment of your health and your family) once you have achieved your business goals? Do you envision awakening at 3:00 am, obsessing about finances, your client list and your unworthiness to succeed? These (and many other) actions originate from a place of perceived scarcity and lack, and a fearful mindset. The key to putting the power of focus to work for you is to take action in your business with choices that feel good, celebrate your progress, and are in vibrational alignment with your imagined success.

According to law of attraction, your very focus on your current reality of "what is" rather than "the end result" is keeping the success and achievement you desire at arm's length. As you continue to contemplate what you don't have, you continue to attract more of the same - not enough, wanting more.

Wishing and hoping that you will achieve your business goals is NOT the same as committing yourself to using the power of focus to envision your success in as much juicy detail as you can muster, while having a firm intention to bring it into your reality. So take your carefully outlined goals and invest them with the love and imagination that they (and you!) deserve.

Feel how wonderful, freeing and life-enhancing it is to stand in the place of already being, having and doing what you ardently desire and imagine for yourself and your business. Take actions that are in alignment with your vision. When you encounter decision-making opportunities in your business where the foregone conclusion is based upon "should," "must," or negative "what if" situations, pause and consider taking action that feels more truly in alignment with your intended outcome.

The power of focus (a.k.a. the law of attraction)is a powerful universal law which, once understood and utilized effectively, can catapult your business and your life to incredible heights. To your success!

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