Morale – the inner positive pool of energy that flows outward through a demonstration of behavior designed to create an impactful presence of value.

How important is that powerful pool of positive energy to the environment of any organization? Morale is a larger part of what keeps an organization focused on quality; it is what binds people together with a common agenda of together in spirit, purpose and direction.

When an organization loses the inner positive pool of energy the result is disconnect between leadership and their internal customers and disconnect between the internal customer and the external customer. Morale is one of the most important points of connection every company must work to strengthen.

Morale is Organizational Power! Why is this POWER so important?

Morale is ORGANIZATIONAL POWER that provides a platform to build connectivity. When people are not connected, they create their own agenda and that agenda is defined by their feelings. That agenda is defined by their perception of what they feel is happening. When people are connected through spirit, purpose and direction, there is power! There is internal energy; there is a strong sense of commitment; there is morale!
Feelings are critical because they are the entrance point for most people’s definitions about “what is.” This definition makes people either strengthen their commitment or weaken it. This creates the picture of morale.

Morale is ORGANIZATIONAL POWER that opens people to accepting new designs that are necessary for growth. Any organization that is not actively seeking to improve is creating its own pathway to self-destruction.

Improvement is the pulse that keeps a company beating with adventure. Improvement demands the commitment of the internal customer; if they fight the new adventure, it will likely die from lack of support. For people to support improvement they must feel connected with the design, energized by what it will offer, know their efforts are valuable and appreciated and be allowed to share in the success. Without this they will disconnect and their morale will weaken. With the feeling of being connected comes an energized commitment to improving product quality, customer care, personal development and a personal desire to make the organization better.

Morale is ORGANIZATIONAL POWER that results in the release of personal creativity. When people feel connected, they feel free to be creative. Every human is creative, BUT not every human lets their creativity flow.

When one feels disconnected from the organization the attitude is, “why should I care about them; they sure
don’t care about me!” Organizations live and die on the creativity and commitment of their people. Creative people are constantly thinking about ways to improve; creative people bring a desire stronger than their fear. When creativity is flowing, even an emotionally driven economy cannot stop them!

Morale is ORGANIZATIONAL POWER that aligns people to the belief “Yes We Can Do It!” Where there is not connectivity there are cliques. Cliques pit people against each other. The message a clique sends is, “I am not going to help you do anything YOU want to do. We can hold you hostage.”

When people are united and their energy connected, there is collective genius. In a world of collective genius any issue can be resolved. The result is a presence that is stronger than its competition and a product that has no equal. The morale connection creates an unparalleled internal strength.

Morale is ORGANIZATIONAL POWER that lessens the internal stress. Stress, that is out of control, is an energy killer! It shuts people down from the inside out and makes them react to anything they define as pressure. When people are connected, they share energy. That sharing is critically important to keeping the pool of positive energy flowing.

When people are committed, they take pressure off of each other. The connectivity creates support; that support creates the feeling of “I am not alone in this. I have help.” The lessening of stress enhances the creativeness of the group and strengthens their energy connection, which feeds their morale.

Morale is ORGANIZATIONAL POWER that empowers people through the feeling they matter to the company. One of the three motivators of the human life is the feeling “they matter.”

Every human life wants to know “they matter.” It strengthens their self worth, expands their self-awareness, shores up their self-esteem and brings out their self-confidence. Put those together and whom do you have? You have a person who is challenged by the environment, brings the best of their talents to the company and works everyday to increase their personal presence through making the company’s adventure their crusade.

All because of one little demonstration – they matter to the company!

How important is morale? It is the organizational power that breathes consistent positive life into the innerness of the organization, which allows it to exhale a presence that has life, purpose, direction and value. That guarantees life! That strengthens morale!

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Author's Bio: 

Richard Flint, CSP is Chairman and CEO of Flint, Incorporated, a company specializing in the training and development of individuals, companies and associations. He has had the opportunity to address people in talks and seminars throughout the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Great Britain and Spain. As a Keynote speaker and seminar leader, he addresses more than 200,000 people each year.

Richard speaks to corporate and public audiences on the subjects of Personal and Professional Development, including the executives and staff of many of America's largest corporations. His humorous and poignant talks and seminars on Leadership, Sales, Self-Esteem, Goals, Strategy, Creativity and Success bring about immediate changes and long-term results. He has written 13 books and produced more than 100+ audio and video learning programs, including being a finalist for The Top Self-Help book of 2005.

Prior to founding his company in 1987, Richard put his four degrees to good use as a Professor of Philosophy at Ohio University and Wayne State University, where he also served as the Baptist Campus Minister. Following that, Richard was the Director of Counseling at the First Baptist Church in both Tampa and West Palm Beach in Florida. These days he travels the world on his crusade to help others move past their Circle of Sameness and achieve a positive life.