For those who are not aware of Eckhart Tolle and his teachings like The Power of Now or Stillness Speaks, let me introduce him. Eckhart Tolle is an enlightened personality. He got enlightenment in 1977. His first book The Power of Now was published in 1997. Subsequently he published many books, audios, videos. Today there are numerous material available on his teachings.

He teaches about being in the now or being connected, which he simply refers as Being. You are full of joy while you are Being.

But "being" alone is not sufficient to attract abundance, prosperity and growth. For growing, you need to work. So, Doing is needed for growth, prosperity and affluence. If you observe the saints, the Buddhist monks or the Zen practitioners, they always remain connected. They are always in the state of Being. But, most are not financially prosperous. They are rich in the heart, full of Joy, because they are Being. But, they do not grow financially. It is not their aim to grow financially. They are satisfied in Being. If you want to grow and prosper in all aspects, which includes the financial aspect, you need to be Doing, apart from Being.

Now the question comes is why to grow? What is the need to grow?

The need to grow or the choice of whether to grow is not in our hand. The purpose of Nature is to grow. Trees grow. all the animals and human beings grow. Life grows in this world. When the dimensions of life does not fit into a particular design of species, a new species is originated to fit the life. Whether to grow is not our choice. Our body is the proof. It grows whether we wish or not.

Now that it is clear that we need to grow, let's focus on Doing. Everybody in the world needs to do some work to exist and grow. But most do the work remaining disconnected, and that's why the quality and effectiveness suffer. What we need to practice is Doing while Being. If you practice to Do realizing that you Are, all your actions will be highly effective. So, if you have a big genuine purpose and sound action plan, and if you are being when doing, you will have abundance and big success while dived into eternal piece. There is no doubt about it.

How to lead a purposeful life and what are the qualities for prospering, for "being while doing" are discussed in details in the book "True Fundamentals of Life."

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