So often we accept the declarations that others have made concerning our own lives, wellbeing or fate. It is imperative that we recognize that in order to achieve what we want in life, we must not give our power away to others by accepting their declarations concerning our affairs. When one decides that he or she will boldly declare good fortune, wellness, joy,etc. relative to his or her life, all of heaven will break loose!Goodness and mercy shall surely follow.
From birth, we are often told what we are going to be. Sometimes, this is a good thing, but suppose you have been told time and time again that "you will not amount to anything just like your mother or father"? This is a dangerous declaration because it sets into motion the actualization of an unwanted occurrence. All of us want to amount to something! In order to counteract this and all of the negative declarations with their destructive potenial, one must consciously replace them with one's own declarations. In so doing, you are now in control of setting into action what you really want to occur. You can declare that goodness and mercy shall surely follow you all the days of your life!
The following are some delarations that you may want to make concerning your life:

I declare:

that I am totaly free of all additions.
that I will survive any attempts of others to control my life.
that I am free in my mind, body, and emotions.
that I am free to set goals and reach them.
that I am a loving individual with the capacity to give love.
that I am a child of God with all rights and priviledges thereof.
that I will contribute to the welfare of others.
that I will be an ambassodor of goodwill to all I meet on the journey.
that I will be a good example for others to follow.
that I will help all that I can to reach their goals.
that I will speak words of encouragement to others.
that I will find the goodness in life and focus on it.
that I will not succumb to the negative influences of others.
that I will read the information that will encourage my personal, and spiritual growth.
that I will commit to being the best I can be.

These declarations are meant to encourage you to take control of the influences in your life. They are suggestions as to what positive things you can speak about your own life instead of accepting whatever has been said about you in the past. You now have the authority to plant the seeds of love, encouragement and victory in your garden, thereby crowdng out the weeds of negativity that may already have taken root! Just as in a garden, you may have to pull and pull until you get some weeds out. Sometimes, the negative comments and declarations of others have taken such a stronghold in our lives, that we must pesist until we see the baugh not only fall, but break into pieces.Don't be discouraged if you don't reach your goals overnight. Just remember that even a small stream of water will crack concrete eventually!!

Author's Bio: 

Dr. Emily Grant DeCarlo is a licensed and ordained minister of the gospel of Jesus Christ. She is active in the Mount Carmel Baptist Church in Hopewell, Virginia(925 Arlington Rd.) as associate minister and head of The Daughter's of Esther Women's Ministry. She is an evangelist, poet, educator, and consultant. Her new CD, "Journey" has recently been released. It is insirational peotry set to music.