Vision is what keeps a person alive otherwise they are just walking around going through the motions. Just like a robot following a certain command. You have heard people say, “I am just going with the flow.” What if the flow is leading them away from their desires? Have you ever found yourself in a position where you have lost your focus and all hope seems to have vanished?

This is what occurs when distractions come and you take your eyes off of your goals and begin listening to the voice of distractions. Distractions have a voice and if you are not careful it can led you down a path and dictate terms to you. As humans we must recognize that we have power and authority in our minds that can give life to or render a situation lifeless.

Reprogram your subconscious mind, by replacing negative and self-defeating beliefs with truth that there are no limitations in the universe. Allow yourself to step outside of limitations into a universe of abundance. By doing this you will begin to attract abundance to yourself. Visualize yourself surrounded by abundance.

Everyday make a conscious effort to stay on track, by keeping your visualizations fresh and positive. No matter what stage you are in your life do not be content, but strive for greatness. Cease worrying how something is going to work, instead begin calling forth what you want to happen.

Visualization is seeing you operating in a particular capacity. Change comes with making a definite decision concerning who you want to be, what you want to do and what you want to have in life. This is creative dreaming or imagining things into existence.

When desiring things to be different positive visualization will help you to reach your goals. Visualization happens all the time, so make sure that your visualization is only positive toward the things that you desire.

It is time to take your visualization into manifestation, so do not cut yourself short. Tell yourself you deserve whatever you desire. Occupy your vision. See yourself with everything that you visualize that you want to be, to do and to have in your life.

Whatever vision you occupy will come true, so be positive and definite in your visualization. Walk and move in your vision do not sit there on the sidelines, but get involved. Have a total experience in your mind. Feel the joy within yourself. Use your emotions when you are asking yourself these questions: “How does it feel to be___?” “How does it feel to have__?” “How does it feel to do __?”

Placing yourself in the picture makes it real and seals the vision bringing your vision into reality. Live powerful in your vision, by using all five senses. If you desire to travel to Europe see yourself walking down the picturesque streets, feel the stones on the exterior of the buildings, hear the voices of the locals at the market, smell the aroma of the pastries and taste the freshness of the specialty dishes of the locale.

Once you begin visualizing you will be led to do certain things in which you should comply. New ideas and resources will come your way and you should engage yourself in doing them. Things will be available to you that will lead you toward your goal.

Visualization is powerful, because it creates a picture of what you want and expect; so be careful and definite. Remember, if you can not see yourself out of a certain situation you will remain in that situation. So, use everything that you have to get to where you desire to go by being definite and positive concerning your goals.

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Gertrude J Chapman is an expert motivational speaker, radio host and author whose focus is centered on challenging people to live the life they were created to live. The motivational messages inspire individuals to elevate their minds, by offering messages of hope.

Her expertise is motivating individuals to live their dreams to the fullest. No one has to settle for second best when they can have what they think and say. Helping people identify with their purpose leads them to a more fulfilling life with less stress.

The motivational tools and strategies show how to create your day. It will propel a person into a journey that leads to being more productive.

The topics challenge the audience to reprogram their minds, take charge of their lives, believe in themselves and experience breakthroughs.