The Problem Child Within Us

Quote: "Who's that child that won’t go away? That’s the child you've left astray. We were born to experience happiness, fun and joy on earth until our minds became programmed after birth."

As adults we sometimes hold back from expressing our childlike personalities of wholeness and freedom. We lose touch with our light and joyful funny side in exchange for heaviness and burdensome. We miss out on laughter and from living life to the fullest. Did it ever occur to you that maybe your childhood circumstances kept you from a life of wholeness? Wholeness is to experience all of who you are without being judged for stepping into your oneness. Perhaps you grew up in an unhealthy environment not able to express any of your true talents. It’s going to be fine if we continue on this divine path of glory. Leave everything else aside and let go of all your worries. If the problem child in you hurt from past trauma, you must leave it behind or you will experience the same drama.

How lovely is it to be all grown up and responsible? Even when we are responsible adults, we still miss the child in us. To find that funny, loving child, we don’t have to look too far. All you have to do is express who you really are. As adults, we can learn to understand, many of our childhood memories still exist. It is because the child never left. You try to hide that side of your life by taking on too many responsibilities. This can distract you from living out your true capabilities. If you hide behind the veils of illusions, the problem child will see life as confusion. The child in you will never grow up unless you express who you really are. It is the core of your being lifting up its Star. You wish those childhood memories could just away. Nothing ever goes away. It stays hidden deep beneath the surface until you overreact unconsciously. Now that we know our childhood experiences never goes away, where do they go? They are saved as imprints in the memory bank of our souls. From birth, we were whole in our being at that point in time. Now, we hold memories of past hurts within our subconscious mind. As a part of the world, we were exposed to observation and learned behavior. We learned to imitate our caregivers and became conditioned by the parents we thought were our saviors. The innocence of our birthright no longer existed. We grew up too fast. Our childhood didn’t last. We buried our beautiful and innocent life to play the victim role as father or wife. Of course, as children we needed discipline but also sought love. We searched for the unconditional love that represented us. If our caregivers were only taught what they knew, we can no longer hold them responsible. We have to look at and see our lives for what it is and accept we are still able to experience life as all there is. As adults, we continue to cry inside from the sufferings of our hearts and forget about the child in us is where it all starts. If you see your childhood life as hard as stone, know that you didn’t mold the sculpture on your own. The first 6 months of your life, you became molded and not allowed to cry. Now as adults you continue to hold everything inside. We live our lives with an image that everything is real but this image of pain must be healed. Realness is true love but we must reach for it inside of us. No matter how many times we prayed for peace, our minds imagined more difficulty. If you come from an abusive, mistreated, overly protective, problematic environment, you still have those emotions hidden beneath your existence. Many of us were hindered from speaking out so we suppressed our emotions without a doubt. We weren’t allowed to join activities of our choice. Our dreams will remain a fairytale until we can remember the beauty still rest within us as adults. We believed in what we thought could never be. Somewhere along the road we lost our creative abilities. Now as adults we look for things in all the wrong places instead of knowing all things are given to us from our natural existence. What we have missed out on as a child, we seek for others to heal but no one can seal the deal based upon how you feel. It is time to reveal who you really are and know that God made you a Star. Before you can heal the wounds that lingers in your soul, you must embrace the defensive mechanisms that prevents you from living life as a whole. We travel on down the road to Defensive Walls.

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