Humanity is experiencing a quantum leap in its evolutionary growth. It has been experiencing this quantum leap for quite a while now, beginning with the age of technology. What is at hand now is a “quickening” of this growth, an awakening, a doorway to an expanded state of being. Humanity is about to embark on a journey that it has never imagined possible.

This quickening of humanity is what is being spoken of when people talk about the end of the world according to the Mayan Calendar, 2012. It is what people mean when they say Christ will return. It is what the Jews mean when they say that the Messiah will finally come. It may be that the world does enter into a state of chaos and confusion for while, but when the dust settles, something will be here. What will it be?

The quickening does not have to do with the human mind or technology. That door has already opened to us. We have opened our minds to new and amazing things and we have our eyes on other planets and galaxies now, wondering if we can reach other sentient beings and races, but we have not yet opened our hearts to one another. We as a species have not embraced the most benevolent uses of technology and knowledge, even though we know of many.

The buck stops here in our evolutionary path, though. It is actually a matter of survival. If we do not stop the harmful uses of what we do with knowledge, technology and science, we will self destruct. The human experiment cannot go past this point, and perhaps this is the very point we reached before as a species before the destruction of Atlantis. If we do not use what we know in a benevolent way, we will not progress any further and the human project will go back to the beginning to start anew. Next time maybe the human vehicle will be better evolved to hold the true consciousness that is in us all. It seems to be that the ability to love is where humanity fails on the mass level.

I believe that this quickening in humanity has to do with the human heart. Only when the human heart has awakened to its full potential will there be peace, kindness and compassion toward one another. Only when we have learned to stop harming each other with weapons, stop taking advantage of each other economically, and stop using technology and knowledge in terrible ways, only then will we be “allowed” to progress further on the evolutionary path.

Humanity must realize that to harm another is to harm the self. Once we realize that, it will be impossible to harm someone else on the other side of the world even though we don’t know them. We will have the realization that no matter who they are, those who we don’t personally know are still a part of us, this One Self.
The good news is that there is hope! There are many in the world professing the messages of love, teaching humans how to love one another, and spreading the light of our hearts to others. Our greatest hope, however, is in our children. Multitudes of children are coming in with clarity, skills and an already opened heart. There are some very wise children around these days! I am amazed sometimes by the sentience in these beings. They don’t need to be taught the ways of love. All they need from us is to have their innate nature encouraged to be free, rather than shut them down, which has happened to the generation before them (us older folks!). If they don’t have to spend their lives trying to heal a damaged human condition then they will be free to create beautiful new realities on Earth.

Will there be divine intervention? Well, that is a good question. Many believe that divine intervention will be quite necessary to facilitate this quickening of humanity, this birth into truth of self. However, even if it doesn’t come in some grandiose fashion in the skies, it will come from within. There will possibly be a synergy, a climax, a maximum saturation point where humans everywhere must either expand the heart or die! It could be an ultimatum that is coming, one that weeds out those who are harmful in their hearts.

The entrance ticket to the new reality of a kinder gentler world that is coming is having an expanded heart. So it is a good idea to get going on this task right now! If you find that you have a closed heart, old resentments and grudges you can’t let go, you better start letting them go now or they will be your undoing! The quickening of humanity is the quickening that is happening in you. It is happening individual by individual, and when the 100th monkey is reached, the scales will tip. If you want to be onboard when the scales tip toward love, your heart must be open and ready to love. So how open is your heart? What must you do to expand your heart so that the quickening of humanity is happening in you?

Take inventory of your heart and see if it is evolving to the level of the Christ heart. If you are able to open your heart and be the love that you are, rather than looking for others to be the source of love, you are ready for the quickening of humanity and you will be on board. You don’t have to know a lot of spiritual stuff, you don’t have to be well read in the self help section. All you need to be able to do is to hold unconditional love for yourself and others and the human condition of humanity. When you can be the love rather than look for it, you have experienced the quickening of humanity that is happening inside you.

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