The Premises of the Human Design System Synthesis:

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The Human Design System arrived as a revelation. Some of its premises are part of established modern science; others are from the esoteric traditions of the Kabbalah, the chakras, the I Ching and astrology. You are invited to take the following synopsis of this synthesis as a hypothesis. Note that this is ultimately for your intellectual curiosity only and you need not know any of it to benefit from the Human Design System.

Neutrinos are part of the sub­atomic world. They are emitted by stars and travel through the universe at near the speed of light. They are so tiny that they penetrate everything (including us) by the trillions per square inch every second without being slowed down. They have a very small mass and therefore change and are changed by the bodies they penetrate.

Orbiting the Sun, the planets interfere with the neutrino stream as it penetrates them. The mixture of the pure neutrino stream from the stars with the altered stream through the planets is what conditions life on Earth.

Crystals of Consciousness
Every life carries two crystals of consciousness, a “design crystal” and a “personality crystal” . The refraction of the neutrino stream through this unique pair of crystals emerges as an individual life.

Magnetic Monopole
The Magnetic Monopole is a magnet that holds an individual in place and on its life trajectory. It provides the geometry of a life in relation to the whole, the direction from past to future and from conception to death.

The Design crystal with an embedded Magnetic Monopole enters the human fetus at conception and begins building the body. Approximately 3 months before birth (exactly 88° of the Sun), the Personality crystal enters the body in preparation for its life.

A human receives an imprint at birth, a Design that can be calculated, displayed and read in a chart.

Throughout a life, the ongoing presence and movement of the planets continue to condition a human Design. Furthermore, humans condition each other by the interaction of their individual Designs. All that can also be calculated and seen in charts.

Chart Calculation
The Human Design index aligns the 12 signs of the astrological zodiac with the 64 hexagrams of the I Ching. It places 0 degrees Aries into hexagram 25, line 2. Each hexagram occupies 5°37’30” of arc. The sequence of the hexagrams in the Human Design wheel is also found in the I Ching by Hua-Ching Ni.

Human Design uses two astrological calculations to arrive at two sets of planetary positions. These sets are then indexed into the hexagrams and lines of the I Ching. This database is transferred to the integrative field, the individual body graph.

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Zeno is a teacher who used Human Design to enter into her mastery of understanding her own nature and the natures of others by using Human Design in her daily life as her practice.

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