Unless you're living in a cave and you don't need any of the essentials of food, shelter, transportation, etc., and unless you haven't heard the news, unless you haven't had, maybe, a family member affected—and there are people who haven't—or, unless, of course, you have a no-fail government job - it's bad. It's ugly out there.

You can be positive about that, and not be negative about your own circumstances. Take charge, get flexible, be adaptable, think, plan, progress, be positive about yourself! Listen, there has never been, nor will there ever be, an environment—in this case, we're talking about an economic environment—where there wasn't opportunity for somebody.

What are you doing to be adaptable, to be flexible? See, the ones who are really, really losing it are those who can't see out of the confines of what they've been traditionally taught, bred, led—they're like horses with permanent blinders. They can't look outside of what they've been taught. You're not that kind of person, my friend.

When adversity, tumult, upset, adventure—any of the thousand-and-one words that we could use for a sudden, unexpected change—comes, it really doesn't matter how many other people are participating in it or not. It's up to you. Where are you going to stand on that situation? Where are you going to scamper?

Remember, self-survival is the strongest instinct in all of creation, in all living things. Now, I've seen the studies—but I'm not an expert on science, so don't quote me on that one.

Self-survival is important! Get flexible! That's how you do it. Scamper! That's how you do it. See what's working for others—that's how you do it.

Ask yourself this simple question right now: "What does a market segment want or need bad enough that they’re willing to pay for it that I can deliver at a competitive differential that I can convince them to purchase from me, over and over again?”
Test it and give it to 'em.

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Ted Ciuba, "living legend" and bestselling author of The NEW Think and Grow Rich, is one of the world's top human potential trainers. He helps people find, define, and actualize their passions to transmute their intangible desires into real money. To find out more about Ciuba, how he can help you, and to collect $297 worth of free gifts, visit www.HoloMagic.com