Occasionally relationships come to a natural conclusion, maybe you both simply drifted away from each other and maybe you had different goals in mind. It is not so bad in these situations when it just feels like time to move on. It can be extremely difficult however if your relationship does come to an end and it is precisely what you do not want. If you find yourself in this situation and desperately want to get your ex back then take a look at these following pieces of advice that should help you do exactly that:

1) Give yourself sometime and space. Do you actually desire to have them back again or are you deep down more concerned about the void that they are leaving in your life. Could you fill that void with something better maybe or are can you truly not do without your ex back? Be brutally honest.

2) try to put your finger on precisely what went awry and what part of that you should be accountable for. Did you cause any of the problems yourself? Were you unfaithful? Did you lose your temper at times? Did you start to tell them what to do? Make sure you do not make the same mistakes again by first working out what you did that was wrong and how you can prevent yourself from making the same mistakes once more.

3) Forget them for a while. Cease communicating with them, this will allow you a bit of time and space to have a think and also will stop you appearing to needy of them. You will gain nothing from acting needy, that will just get you pushed away from your ex more. Whilst on the other hand ignoring them will get there attention quicker than anything else.

4) Go out on the town with some old mates. Make sure that you are not all doom and gloom by socialising and having a few nights out around town. You might just prove to yourself that it it not as bad as you thought it was going to be. Word of your activities will almost certainly get back to your ex triggering there curiosity even more.

5) Never make phone calls or send messages when you are drunk. Behaving in this manner shows how needy you are of them and whilst it may seem like a positive thing at the time nothing will drive them away faster.

6) Improve your lifestyle. Send a clear message out to the world and yourself that you are a confident happy person by spending some money and getting some new designer clothes and new hair cut or whatever else you can think of that will make you feel good about yourself.'

7)Make some changes. If you do get the opportunity of seeing them again nothing would catch their eye more than if you had already begun to take a positive stance and started to do all of those things you had promised to get around to one day. It could be learning a new language, traveling more, starting your own band, joining a sports club, getting fit anything you choose. You will be proving how capable and confident a person you are when you behave in this manner.

Taking on board a few of these tips is a really great way to get your ex back without dealing with them directly. Let them come to find out where you are! Now you have some great ex girlfriend advice or indeed ex boyfriend advice you know how to win him back no excuses just do it.

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