Boy, I've gotten myself into some fancy fixes before. I've lost money on big investments, in international business, with things going crazy, by doing something in a relationship that I shouldn't have done for some reason… such as changing the relationship.

I'm not that unique—we all do this stuff. I mean, I do know that I'm a little bit more extreme, and if you know my life you know that, too—but that's the way that goes. I'd rather regret the things I've done than the things I didn't do.

I know that when I've stretched and put money on the line, when I've stretched and made commitments that forced me to grow, and where there were big changes and adventures, not every single one of them has worked out exactly the way I anticipated. Some of them were flat errors.

But that's feedback. And if you're coming back with your tail between your legs, well, that's not really necessary—because what would you prefer? Would you prefer to find out you're on a mistaken course and do a market correction, even if it meant coming back with "some indignity"? Or would you prefer, because you made the decision, that you stick with it?

But I am talking about the risks that we're willing to take, and the different adventures we'll have when we do the “DO” versus the risks that we cowarded out on, that we were afraid to take, the regrets that we'll have if we don't.

You know, we value ourselves as individuals. We are the ones who access our own potential. We are the ones. Recognize that you have a moment of glory, you have a time on Earth… and then you're gone. Live life to the fullest now—don't live it like a circus animal.

Joy, vitality, experimentation… and at the end of your days, if there's something that you regret, it won't be because you chickened out and never moved on the biggest dreams that you had—be that to learn a new language, to live in a foreign country, to take a new spouse, to start a new business or career, to have some great adventure, to have a great vacation….

Whatever it is, if you did it, you will be more peaceful.

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