I read the little book that inspired the successful book and movie “The Secret” called “The Science of Getting Rich” by Wallace D. Wattles. It reminded me of the Universal Principles I learned decades ago. The book doesn’t get into details of why the principles work. Instead, it is an application manual. How cool is that?

“The Secret” and its interpretation of the “Law of Attraction” drew a lot of controversy. One argument is the simplicity of using the Law of Attraction to become materially wealthy. Although few of us take the necessary actions to move beyond dreaming into co-creating our own perception of reality, I take exception to criticism of the Law’s simplicity.

I don’t need to understand how electricity works to brighten my home at night. If my home is wired properly, electrical appliances are connected correctly and I follow the operating instructions, I can use electricity for anything I want every time. Simplicity works.

The author of the book begins with a discussion of humanity’s right to be rich. Material wealth can be a means of living a fuller, more successful and therefore, more productive life. To earn a living doing what one loves is everyone’s dream. However, most of us learn “it doesn’t work that way”. Those who believe “the rich get richer when the poor get poorer” contribute to the accuracy of that belief in their lives and the lives of those whom they influence. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

Material wealth can contribute to the betterment of the world. It is our right and obligation to be wealthy. The author explains that there is a science to getting rich; a procedure that if followed properly, works every time. He calls it doing things a “Certain Way”. Credentials, talent, money, personal contacts and skill are not necessary to acquire material wealth. Look around. Most everyone has heard of people who succeed against all odds and predictions. They do things a Certain Way.

“The Science of Getting Rich” insists that opportunity is not monopolized by the elite few. Opportunity abounds at every step of life. The difference between a wealthy person and a poor person is the way they act and think. Wealthy parents teach their children the Certain Way of doing things that made and keeps them wealthy.

The author claims that there is an infinite supply of wealth. He says the universe is literally made up of “Formless Stuff” he calls “Original Substance” that acts upon any thought impressed upon it to manifest in the material world. It is the nature of the universe to move toward more life.

The author encourages people to set aside the logical, rational mind and allow themselves to believe, with absolute certainty they deserve to be wealthy, have the ability to acquire wealth and the ability to control their thoughts. Everyone thinking and acting in a Certain Way will be rich.

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"The Science behind Prosperity Consciousness" is written by Rosemarie Ashley, aka 'tude vox Ro, of Gen-Ray Records. Rosemarie is a lyricist and recording artist whose career evolved out of disconnect and dissatisfaction with status quo. Gen-Ray Records produces radio-quality music, addressing real, raw emotion in a variety of popular styles with lyrics to consciously reprogram thoughts for personal and spiritual growth.

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