"Habits are like comfortable beds - Easy to get into, but difficult to get out of."
Dr Denis Waitley, Author of The Psychology of Winning

"Seems to apply to my football team !" I said replying to my friend who was talking about the laws of science. Something changed in the second half of the game this weekend. The team performance was amazing. Something changed in the second half of the game this weekend. The team performance was amazing.

So how does this relate to science and procrastination? Well, science recognizes two laws - both of which can be related to procrastination. The first law states, "Standing objects tend to remain stationary." The second law is the opposite: "Moving objects tend to stay in motion."

Procrastination is stationary inertia. You aren't doing, and therefore you don't move!

Overcoming Procrastination is about action and this means you allow the law of motion to take over.

Our clients tell us that once they start a project or process it is easier than thy thought it would be -- and so they are able to complete it.

My team had no momentum in the first half. Somehow the momentum started in the second half on Saturday and they could not be stopped.

Here are seven time management techniques to help you build that momentum and overcome procrastination:

What is really stopping you?

1.Take timeout and identify what you are putting off. On a blank sheet of paper, note 3-5 important activities that you are delaying or have put on hold. Next to each describe what is stopping YOU (not the external factors). For at least one of these write 5 small tasks to get you started.

Action eliminates anxiety

2. From the list you wrote in point one, pick a small task do it right now. Put the energy you've been directing toward excuses into the activity you've been avoiding. You will discover that action eliminates anxiety.

The Best Time is

3. If getting started is the hard part for you, set a designated time slot in the day to work on the list. Set aside thirty minutes of your lunch hour for work specifically on one job, project, or personal goal that you've been avoiding or find difficult to start. Many of my clients find the best time is as soon as they get to work (before anything distracts you!)

80% is good enough

4. Focus on quality of effort, not perfect results. Don't worry about perfection. Don't let yourself get bogged down with a preoccupation for perfectionism. Allow yourself to be OK with 80% quality work. A task done at 80% quality is much more useful than a task that could be perfect, but is not done.

Reveal your assumptions

5. If what you are putting off involves other people, consult with them. Your reasons for delaying action may be assumptions you have developed. Lack of communication can mean you make assumptions which turn molehills into mountains.

Face the fear

6. If you fear the consequences associated with the action you've been avoiding, ask yourself, "What's the worst thing that could happen if I did this today?" The worst-case scenario most likely would be a minor inconvenience or a temporary setback.

Feel the sense of achievement and satisfaction

7. Finally, vividly picture how you'll feel once the task is done -- feel the sense of achievement you get from completing the task. How good does that feel?

Accomplishing task you have put-off will give you a great boost of confidence and energy! Ground breaking requires TNT. To blast your way out of apathy and overcoming procrastination.

Remember what TNT means: Today! Not Tomorrow.

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Michael Erwin is a Time Creation Expert and Time Coach. Michael has lots of free time management resources at his website. Watch free time management videos You can find more time management articles and time management tips at http://www.time-management-central.net