Did you know that the word "enthusiasm" comes from the ancient Greek words "en" and "theos", which mean "in Spirit"?

When we are "in Spirit" (i.e. aligned with the Spirit), we feel alive. When we are "in Spirit", we are filled with energy. When we are "in Spirit", we feel a sense of purpose and passion for life and everything that we see gets a deeper meaning.

The secret of enthusiasm is being "in Spirit", in other words, being in harmony with your spiritual self. Being in harmony with your spiritual self means being in harmony with what we truly are, because our true nature is indeed spiritual.

Essentially, we are not physical beings who are able to experience spiritual things. Rather, we are spiritual beings who have come to experience the physical. Keep this in mind at all times.

Being in harmony with your spiritual Self is a lot easier than most people think. Unfortunately, many people think that living in accordance with one's spiritual Self has been predestined for some, while other have been deprived of such a possibility.

Fortunately, the truth is completely different. There is nothing easier than living in harmony with what we really are. And, there is nothing harder than not living in harmony with what we really are.

If you can read this article and understand its content, than you too can be "in Spirit" and you can integrate enthusiasm into your daily life easily and joyfully.

The secret is in consciousness, i.e. awareness. All matter that exists in nature now also existed several thousand years ago, but due to our lack of awareness of their full potential we have not been able to create various things that are now common in everyday use. Henry Ford did not invent new materials in nature and use them to make a car. Instead, he just used the existing elements and put them together in such a way that nobody has done before, thus inventing a motorized vehicle. His invention was deemed a miracle in his time, but today nobody thinks about it in such terms. The question today is what car to choose.

At first, it might sound too trivial a comparison, but I guarantee you that something similar is happening with enthusiasm in your life. The more you become aware of your spiritual Self, the endless source of enthusiasm becomes more accessible and clearer to see.

But how do you become conscious of your spiritual Self?

The first step is to leave at least some room in your mind for accepting the idea that your true nature is spiritual. Reflect on such a possibility every day.

Then you can start expressing your intention of becoming aware of your spiritual Self. You need to know that the Universe, God, Higher Self, Creator or whatever you wish to name this intelligence, hears your every intention and is ready to give you all the help you need at any given time.

Express a mental statement several times a day in which you will express to the Universe your intention to become aware of who you truly are. Make your statement brief and simple, something along the lines of "I intend to become aware of my spiritual Self" or "It is my intention to become aware of my true nature", and that will be quite sufficient.

Do not try to anticipate the time and the way that the process of becoming conscious is going to develop itself. You do your part, and let the Universe do its. Just like there is no question that the morning will come after the night, in the same way the Universe, as soon as it hears your intention, will send you the right answers.

You are probably wondering, How will I know whether I am receiving the right answers?

You will know by the feeling of enthusiasm which will be activated at the very thought about certain things. As soon as you feel enthused about a certain idea, that means that your idea is resonating vibrationally with your spiritual essence. Follow such ideas and every day do everything that is in your power to make them come true. Do not wait or delay.

Know that becoming aware is not something that happens once and then you're done: it is a lifelong process.

The more we make ourselves aware, the clearer it becomes to us what our place is in life and what our purpose was in coming to this world. The more aware we become, the greater feeling of happiness and peace we will have. The more aware we become, the better our lives will become in all areas.

Now you know the secret of enthusiasm. Go ahead and apply it daily and you will live "in Spirit" more and more.

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