One of the most important questions you can ask yourself is this;

"What can *I* contribute to the world ?"

What gift can YOU give people ?
Is it your Talent ? Ability ? Insight ? Knowledge ? Your eye for beauty? - What ?

It is only when you find that and successfully GET IT OUT THERE (and that's where the *marketing* comes in), that you will start to see a reward for your efforts.

A great many people are dissatisfied with their lives. The two greatest lacks are LOVE and MONEY.

In all cases, the answer is to be found in LOVE.

Think about it.

Chad Hurley and Steve Chen once thought "Gee, we'd LOVE to make a site where people could upload their videos and all of them could be accessed by anybody"
YouTube as born.

Pierre Omidyar once thought "I'd LOVE to make an online market where people could buy and sell anything"
Ebay was born

Patric Chan once thought "I'd LOVE to show people how they too can do what they want to do!"
"You Chan Do It" was born.

Oprah, Tony Robbins, Bill Gates and the host of other famous people who have been responsible for shaping our world have ONE thing in common - they LOVE what they do.
Then, they then shared that with the world.

This is why I keep iterating that "LOVE IS the Answer".

If there is nothing in or about your life that you really love, then chances are that you will most likely never attain happiness or wealth or any of those other nice things.

The force behind the Law of Attraction is LOVE.
Love anything enough and you will draw it to yourself.

But many people don't even KNOW what they really Love.
They haven't discovered it yet.
Or they only *think* they Love something.

They may think that they would Love to have a house and a family.
So they go out and find a partner, get married, have children and work hard to buy a house.

A few years down the track, they are tired, worn out, fighting about lack of money and have little love to spare for each other.

Their dream has failed them.
It did not bring them the happiness they expected.

Then comes the separation.
The divorce.
The custody battle.
The court cases for possession of assets.
The expense!

The whole dream has turned into a nightmare.

The lesson to be learned here is to find what you TRULY Love, not just some idea that you fall in love WITH.

To find it, you have to IMMERSE YOURSELF. That's the only way you will know if it is something you TRULY love or only THINK you Love.
Whatever you do, do it with ALL your heart, ALL your mind and ALL your soul.

Many notions of what might bring happiness are an illusion.
The biggest illusion is MONEY.

We have all seen the flashy websites, with pictures of bundles of money and tropical islands, the sports cars & beautiful mansions and the now successful internet marketeer selling his wares - which are, generally, self improvement/success/how to be wealthy courses, books, dvd's and what-not.

The motivation for great majority of these these sites is, quite obviously, money.

"Click here now to receive YOUR "How to be Wealthy" Ebook for only $29.95."


The truth is, sadly, that very, VERY few people become wealthy from just reading such a publication. True wealth takes a lot more than just thinking positive and applying the Law of Attraction.

Do you know WHY people go online ?

People go online because they want to ACCOMPLISH something.
They go in search of *something* that will make their lives better.
It might be a way to make, invest or save more money, lose weight, get healthy, enjoy life more, become more attractive, learn something new or a bunch of other things.

The most successful people have found a way to help others - a way to make this world a better place. This is the name of the game. Take GOOGLE for example, or EBay, YouTube or even just computers in general. These things have made it possible for people to do things they could not do before and so, the people behind them have become successful.

Ignorant people think more money will solve all their problems.
But only smart people know HOW to handle money and make the best from it.

Who do you think has more money problems - you or Bill Gates ?

Only a fool would think that a million dollars will help solve all his problems.

How many people could you help with a million dollars ?
Not many.

There is only ONE thing that can bring true fulfillment and contentment of one's soul, ONE answer to the burning question of the hour; one solution to the problems of labor and capital, masses and classes - and that is LOVE.

In the end, both Love and Business boil down to simple service to oneself and others.

And THAT is what it's all about.

Would you LOVE to be successful & happy ?

Then find out where people are going and get there first.

LOVE IS the Answer!

Author's Bio: 

I am a professional technical writer with 25 years experience in IT, design, project management and engineering. My greatest abilities lie in the area of Business Technology - i.e. automation, troubleshooting and streamlining of organisations, production lines and commercial systems.
I have worked for many different organisations and have considerable experience in design, project management, process control and analytical flowcharting in the Audio, Security, Medical, Automotive, Photonic, Scientific, Oil and Gas and Educational sectors of industry.

My greatest strengths lie in motivating and empowering others to improve their lives. I have found that one's work should be their LOVE and nothing excites me more or makes me happier than helping others to realize their true potential.