As my students start understanding and truly applying universal laws in their everyday lives, one of the most common comments they make is: “It is amazing, I did not plan for anything, and it all flowed in a way much better than I could have ever expected!”

It may be a trip, a job interview, a date, a business meeting, a sales negotiation, or simply commuting to work. It does not matter, what we often notice is that stepping out of the way, and allowing for the Universe to do its work, is a great principle for leading what I call the effortless life.

It may have happened to you before. Probably you were planning that dream vacation trip for months, or preparing for the business presentation or an important job interview. Then, when the event finally came to pass, you were less than satisfied, if not totally disappointed, with the results you were so anxious about for days or even months. On the other side, you may have engaged in something without any preparation, expectation or projection, and it just turned out to be much better than you could ever imagine.

One thing that we must realize is that the Universe works smoothly. Once we set a goal or intention, this Higher Force immediately starts creating the means for us to experience the desired outcome. And let me tell you; the Universe is wise and direct. The path set in front of us will be clear and straight, no bumps in the road, no sidetracking. We are given the shortcut as soon as we set our minds on our desired end results.

Yes that is true. The only reason why you may not experience that smooth flow every single time is because you simply get in the way. You think you can outsmart the “big guy up there”, come up with your own shortcuts or solutions. What you’re usually doing, instead, is sabotaging your own process. You are trying to come up with a “plan”.

The problem with this strategy is that we try to use our minds to define the way and to guide us. However, your mind is usually driven by your hidden codes (beliefs), which may not be in sync with your goals. Your mind also tries to rationalize and make sense out of things and events. And usually the Universe works in mysterious ways, yes indeed. Don’t try to make sense out of the Universe’s ways. God did not graduate from one of your “traditional” colleges or universities. He-She is not limited by your primitive paradigms. Therefore, your dysfunctional “logic” and outdated rules of “how things should be” do not apply at this level. Those who have experienced this truth can attest to it.

Joanne, for example, one of my private coaching clients, mentioned a few days ago that since she started using this strategy, that is, trusting the Universe to manifest the easiest way, her life has taken a whole new direction. Now she rarely misses a train, as she walks into the subway station her train is arriving. Her work days flow very smoothly, and it seems as if she is always in the right place, at the right time. Does she care about why or how this is happening? You bet it she doesn’t. She has kicked logic and common-sense out of the door a long time ago. She is getting away with it.

Isn’t that amazing? NO, it is just the result of applying a natural law. We are not surprised to find out that two plus two equals four, right? So, why should we find it amazing when a natural law works without failure? I don’t ask anybody to “trust” or “have faith”, that is for religious people. We are scientists, and we work with principles that do not require any faith, just allowing. It is pretty much the same as when you type an addition in your calculator. You do not need to have faith for the result to show up, right? You just allow the calculator to do its work and the result comes without any effort from you.

So, go ahead and test me. From now on, stop getting in your own way, stop being anxious about a result or outcome, stop trying to get your own answers and solutions. You will not. If the answers were in your mind, you would not have to search for them in the first place, right?

Once you act from a state of certainty, instead of trying to guess or to dictate how things should turn out, once you open yourself to the never ending flow between you and your Universe, then, and only then, you will be truly making good use of this wonderful law that is available to all of us.

Realize that by trying to figure it all out, you are just distracting yourself, which can cause you to miss a clear answer or sign that the Universe intended for you to see and follow.

Set your goal. Be it to have a wonderful trip, a productive meeting, or just a good commuting tomorrow, and step out of the way. KNOW that once you do this, your part of the work is DONE. That’s it, now all you have to do is to move forward with confidence and follow the Universe’s clues. That is effortless Power – using the Universe’s leverage.

Be assured that everything you need to reach your destination will come your way, and things will be much easier than if you tried to figure it out for yourself.

Do it and you may be surprised. Send me a few lines with your results; I’ll love to hear from you.

“Follow the white rabbit” – The Matrix

Many blessings

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Wellington Rodrigues
The ONLY Personal Transformation Coach who charges ONLY for results, not promises.