If you are aware of the common characteristics of a relationship going bad, you are putting yourself in a prime position to prevent your own interests being damaged. Whether that is amicably resolving the now apparent issues or just getting out of there pretty dam quick, knowledge and awareness of these early warning signs can save you a lot of stress and hard work further down the line.

So how can you know if a relationship is bad for?

I am going to share with you a few clues for you to watch out for. These will help you decide whether you will walk or do things to change and build a stronger relationship.

The partner starts verbally insulting you and always puts you down when around other people.

The partner says they will do something but never actually do it. Action speaks louder than words.

The partner is constantly checking what you are doing and where you are going to be. It is either paranoia or suspicion.

The partner uses scare mongering tactics to put you in fear, making you think you cannot survive without them.

The partner has made you change to be more like them or how they want you to be instead of how you actually want to be.

If the relationship is causing you to spend more time worrying about it than it being mutually beneficial in achieving what you set out to do, you have three options, stay as you, change the relationship or walk away. You must take control back and focus on what you want, not worrying about what you think the partner wants.

If you do decide to stay and make changes, make sure the changes are permanent. Remember action speaks louder than words and it is very easy to slip back into bad habits. Watch out for those warning signs of a relationship going bad and keep focused on what you want.

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