Creativity, in any form, is Divinity in action. Music is one of many ways to communicate spirituality.

In just about any religion or "enlightenment training", participants are encouraged to memorize and recite words to support and encourage appropriate thinking. Thoughts, words, feelings and actions are creative energy, directed by our intention. Songs are word-energy infused with the strength of music to communicate and share. Music is a powerful means to program the mind because the message circumvents our rational mind (the one that judges, analyzes and evaluates), going directly to the subconscious to accept the suggestion. It communicates emotions and affects the human brain in ways science can not yet fully explain.

Entertainment is an acceptable outlet or release from the everyday. World power mongers determine suitable entertainment sources through financial support. Cookie-cutter artists playing approved programming is what media outlets manipulate the masses to demand. Commercial music serves to divert attention, lull the population into a false sense of comfort and slowly erode interest in critical thinking and corrective action. Looking at the further concentration of wealth, reduced standard of living for the masses and increasing disenfranchisement of the population, it seems to be working like a charm.

There is no such thing as absolute good and bad. The terms are relative to our perspective. Just like electricity has both life saving and threatening characteristics, spiritual energy can be directed toward any goal. Music is a medium for that energy. Songs are prayers – like any other thought or feeling – but often more potent because they can be repeatedly shared by the masses in the non-threatening venue of entertainment.

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"The Spiritual Significance of Music" is written by Rosemarie Ashley, aka 'tude vox Ro, of Gen-Ray Records. Rosemarie is a lyricist and recording artist whose career evolved out of disconnect and dissatisfaction with status quo. Gen-Ray Records produces radio-quality music, addressing real, raw emotion in a variety of popular styles with lyrics to consciously reprogram thoughts for personal and spiritual growth. Listen to music by 'tude vox FREE at