Quitting smoking can be one the biggest challenges in life that you may have to face once you decide to quit smoking. But the great thing is that once you are able to do this, you’ve programmed your mind to be able to do greater things in life. There are a few stages of quitting smoking.

By looking at these stages, it’ll help you figure whether you’re ready to quit smoking or not. Basically, there are 6 stages of quitting smoking. People who want to quit will have to go through these six stages.

Stage 1: Pre-Contemplation
During this first stage, the smoker has no desire or whatsoever to quit smoking. There is not even an inch of thought of giving up cigarettes. The only thing that matters is to enjoy cigarette smoking. Well, what may be surprising is that only a small fraction of people feel this way and I’m sure you don’t. If not, you won’t be reading this at all.

Stage 2: Contemplation
During this second stage, the person is actually thinking about quitting smoking. Though the person may not be entirely prepared, but he or she may be considering even the effects of smoking or what how will it feel to be smoke-free. At least all smokers will come to this stage.

Stage 3: Preparation
Now, the person is starting to take action to do something rather than just thinking about it. He or she may start with just cutting down the number of cigarettes or just switching brand or type of cigarettes to lighter ones. There is a motivation and desire to stick to quitting and also some plan to stop.

Stage 4: Action
During stage 4, the individual is trying very hard not to smoke. There is a strong conscience and motivated and purpose for not smoking. With that in mind, the individual also is dealing the problem, withdrawal symptoms both physically and psychologically. This may be a challenge and serious help is needed for much better chances of quitting.

Stage 5: Maintenance
During maintenance, the individual has succeeded in not smoking for a brief period of time approximately 6 months of more. The person will become more and more relaxed and used to not smoking. Though there will be some challenges, this will put the person’s determination to the test.

Stage 6: Relapse
During this stage, the person has gone back to smoking after awhile can this can be extremely dangerous for some people because this can be very damaging to the willpower. The individual may feel that they have failed and they can’t quit smoking. The truth of that matter is that this is a very common thing that most smokers face and it may take several successful tries to quit smoking for good.

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Tony James is an ex-smoker for 11 years and is currently helping smokers to quit smoking with ease without irritation, discomfort of cravings or withdrawal symptoms.

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