The essential motto when talking about time management techniques is that time is far more priceless than money. By making use of smart time management techniques you would be more effective, more productive and more efficient. Without the right management of time, a lot of hours, minutes and even seconds fall into quagmire and you will never get them back. Proper use of time management techniques will set you apart from most of your competitors. Try implementing the following top 10 tips in helping you to make the most of the hours and minutes you have wisely. The Top 10 Most Effective Tips.

1. Log each and every time that you work. Log those billable hours as well as your marketing, selling, training and administrative times. When you treat yourself as an internal client you will be much more effectual and productive with that non-billable time. 2. Schedule 24 hours per quarter for professional development. This is a commonly overlooked management technique but one that is very crucial for your business and personal growth. 3. Think and decide what your billing time minimum would be. This is the single most critical managing tactic so think about your minimum very carefully. Also, factor in your travel to and from clients and customers and the number of clients you would serve each day.

4. Make the most during your driving period; using this interval for listening to CDs or audio books on business or technical training is a great and effective technique. 5. Record on your calendar those networking events one month in advance. Making use of this t strategy you could arrange and coordinate your schedule with your clients’ or customers’ schedules productively. 6. Schedule some minutes for operational and internal requirements. Also, schedule some moments for banking, accounts payable, updating your marketing plan, billing, etc. A vital feature of this technique is making sure the things that need to get done, in fact, does get done.

7. Make your own task list or schedule for daily activities. One simple and easy way is to use Outlook in tracking what has to be done on a daily calendar. 8. Set up your regular client and customer appointments four to eight weeks in advance. Trying to shun commuting in heavy traffic jams and scheduling with geography and your itinerary in mind are two closely connected techniques. 9. Schedule a weekend per year in reviewing your business plan. Your business plan must be an existing and living document which is kept relevant and being referred to oftentimes. 10. Keep some copies of what you have to read with you.

In doing this, you could make the most of your down time. The Thing About Time Management Techniques. Your time is one of your most valuable assets so you have to treat it with respect. You cannot afford to not carry out the tips listed. By using those tips given above, your effectiveness, efficiency and productivity would immensely improve and enhance and so would your business.

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