The secret to how productive, efficient and successful you are in life is dependent on how well you use your mind. Brian Tracy said: "You become what you think about most of the time." In other words, the thought process is the key to accomplishing anything. What you think about, and how often you think about that thing, attracts that thing into your life. It is difficult, if not practically impossible for you to become what you have never thought about or what you are not thinking about.

Success and failure follows the Law of Cause and Effect. This law states that if you want to effect anything in your life you must take some specific steps. Success does not show up by mistake, neither failure. We are all responsible in one way or the other for what comes into our lives.

Learn to think positively most of the time. If you think positively about what you intend to accomplish most of the time, you will always find answer to the "HOW" question.

People who think positively always see clearly how their goals will be achieved. People who think negatively always see obstacles to thier achieving anything. They blame their failures on circumstances and people, instead of themselves. They look at themselves as always innocent in every circumstance. As a result, they become weak, de-motivated and have shattered dreams.

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Nduka is a Personal Development Coach and Consultant, Motivational Speaker on Life changing principles. You can view some of his article on his blog, . Nduka conducts public and closed seminars all around Nigeria and West Africa.