When traveling through Germany, it is not enough to only take a short peek at its culture and views. To make the most out of your visit, it is more than imperative that you stop, plan, and try to make a stop at as many different cities as possible. Each German city has its own attraction, and to miss an opportunity to visit is not something you would want. However, due to time restrictions, there's a need for speed and choice. Which one of these wonderful German cities are you going to drop by and explore. Here are the top three you cannot afford to miss.

Munich. I bet this is on the list of more than half of the tourists that plan to take a tour around Germany. Munich is home of the Oktoberfest, and if you can come up with a different reason why Munich should definitely be one of your stops when you travel the country, then I'd love to hear it.

Frankfurt. aka Frankfurt am Main. A lot of people have commented that Frankfurt has the look and feel of an American city (hence the nicknames Bankfurt and Mainhattan); therefore a visit is not something you really want to prioritize. But for book fans everywhere, Frankfurt's book fair is something to be marked on calendars; not every city hosts the biggest book fair in the world that started as far back as the 15th century. And who would not want to visit the proud birthplace of a literary genius, Johann Wolfgang von Goethe?

Berlin. A visit to Germany is never complete without a stop at the capital – and a city full of history and potential – Berlin. Berlin offers more than exciting nightlife and festivals after festivals. One who has a passion for history will surely want to take a look at landmarks of recent history; The Brandenburg Gate that has now become a symbol of unification of Germany, and the Checkpoint Charlie Museum that was the previous location of a famous checkpoint between East Germany and West Germany during the Cold War, among other things. A city full of both memories of the past and promise of the future, Berlin is a definite stop in any tourist's itinerary.

Whether you're a history geek, a book lover, a beer connoisseur, or just want to have a jolly good time, these German cities can cater to your interests and more.

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Arthur Markham is a writer and often writes about his passions and interests. Traveling is one of his passions and Germany is among his favourites. He likes to write about different German cities, vacation spots and its illustrious culture.